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The Cuban Revolution and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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1 The Cuban Revolution and the Cuban Missile Crisis

2 Cuba in the 1940’s-50’s Cuba was a close American Ally since the Spanish American War There was large amounts of American investment in Cuba – Agriculture companies – Many real-estate investments(Hotel Industry) – Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Caribbean Playground for Americans – Casino, clubs, beaches

3 Problems in Cuba Problem major source of the economy was from sugar productions Wealth in Cuba was concentrated in a very small upper-class – High level of unemployment – Deep rooted social and racial divides Slavery had only ended in 1880 – Limited options for impoverished majority

4 The Dictator Fulgencio Batista- Cuban President 1934-1944 – Then led a coup and became leader from 1952- 1959 – Kept close ties with the US These ties were lost as his regime became more brutal and repressive in the mid 1950’s – Under his leadership status-quo was kept (rich got richer and poor poorer) – Little hope for Democracy

5 Fidel Castro Wealthy educated Lawyer – Un happy with the lack of democracy and inequality in Cuba – Failed attack on base in 1953 2 years in Prison and exiled to Mexico IN Mexico met with other Marxist revolutionaries to plan an attack on Cuba – Met Ernesto “Che” Guevara- Argentinean Med Student devoted to Marxist revolutions world Wide

6 The Cuban Revolution 1956 Castro and others land in Cuba – Seek shelter in the highlands (Sierra Maestra) There they gain huge support from rural peasant class They are promised a better future under a Marxist Gov – (equality of land, wealth, social class)

7 – Used Guerilla tactics, bombings, and attacks on infrastructure – Revolutionaries gained support as Batista became increasingly brutal – 1959 Batista flees and Fidel Castro and his leaders take over Cuba

8 US Fears Castro slowly becomes more aligned with the USSR creating fear in the US US business also lost millions when Castro took their properties with out compensation

9 Bay of Pigs Invasion President Eisenhower organized training of Cuban exiles for an attack – President Kennedy inherited this and gave approval for the attack Bay of Pigs Invasion in April of 1961 – Was a complete failure US gave no support to invaders( fear getting into war with Cuba) – This pushed Castro to seek Soviet support against the US

10 Operation Mongoose Plans to Get Rid of Castro – From starting rebellion to assassination attempts – Increase espionage in Cuba – CIA confirmed 8 plots( Could be more) This led to constant Flights of US spy planes – October 14 a flight found Nuclear Missile Sights in Cuba

11 The Cuban Missile Crisis Oct 14 th - Oct 28 Initial Plan of actions – Pressure the Soviet Union I the UN – Oct 22 Kennedy Public address to the US – Start a Naval Quarantine (Blockade) of Cuba – Began troop mobilizations in Florida

12 Soviet Response – Missiles in Cuba only defensive – Khrushchev attack on Cuba= war – Sent Soviet Ships Submarines made it past blockades US Response was to go to Def Con 2 – DefCon 1 prepare for launch fully armed – DefCon 0 NUCLEAR WAR

13 What each leader want ed KennedyCastroKhrushchev -Wanted Missiles out of Cuba -Give a promise of not invading Cuba -end Naval quarantine -US not attack Cuba -Limit Cuban exile activity in Cuba -Return of Guantanamo Bay -End Economic Blockade -Would take missiles out of Cuba -US Promise not to Invade Cuba -US remove Missiles from Turkey

14 Agreements Are Made Oct 27 RFK Met USSR Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin – Notice that missiles were leaving Turkey anyways – Soviets needed to remove Missiles or they would be destroyed Khrushchev's Decision – Oct 28 Radio announcement stating Removal of Missiles under UN verifications – US Would not Invade Cuba -US would remove Missiles in Turkey but not made Public -IF this was made public Kennedy would and the US would look weak as making a Missile swap

15 Why put Missiles in Cuba Soviets lacked numbers and technology of US Nuclear Missiles – This would be pressure to have the US remove some of their Missiles Cuba was used to improve Soviet protection – Blockade of Cuba lasted Nov 20 th 1962 – Economic Sanctions last till today

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