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EIG – European Investor Gate Bridging the gap between public research funding and private investment.

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1 EIG – European Investor Gate Bridging the gap between public research funding and private investment

2 EIG in a Nutshell The challenge: High potential of new technologies generated through European research activities, but knowledge is often not transferred to the market Investors do not foresee the productivity of innovative research outcomes Our strategy: EIG brings research findings to the market by making researchers, innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs investor ready EIG raises awareness among investors for the commercialisation potential of European research outcomes

3 EIG: A Strong Partnership Associated partner: Partners : Germany Ireland FranceMalta Italy France United Kingdom Subcontracting partners:

4 Objectives Assess the projects’ entrepreneurial and market perspectives right from the start to ensure successful technology transfer Enhance investment readiness for participants in ICT projects in EU Framework Programmes through coaching and training Raise awareness on the investment potential of ICT projects, not only among researchers and SMEs, but also among investors to bridge the innovation gap Provide a platform for access to finance for the innovative SMEs or entrepreneurs after having developed investment readiness

5 Workplan

6 How to profit from us? Register to the EIG Community on Get in touch with investors and business angels on the platform Take part in online trainings on financing options, due diligence etc. Take part in a European wide bootcamp Receive tailor made coaching Pitch in front of investors and business angels at our investment fora

7 Agenda Intro: overview of financing instruments Commercialisation strategies for (EU) research projects Financing strategies: VC, bank loan, crowdfunding … Cross border and angel investment

8 The EuroQuity Platform 8 Bpifrance Bpifrance is a French public sector institution dedicated to the economic development of SMEs and a major source of financing. KfW KfW is a bank whose role is to promote forward-thinking in Germany, in Europe and worldwide. It is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, local government and non-profit organisations

9 very positive feedbacks coming from the French market 15 000 users (6 600 investors, 4 000 companies, 2 200 project carriers, 2 300 advisors); 6 surveys in the 2008 – 2012 period. More than 250 millions euros raised by the companies since the opening ; level of satisfaction: 80 % ; intent of use it again: 90 %. EuroQuity: Track Record 9

10 10







17 Facts and Figures 5 Partners 5 Subcontractors 24 months (September 2013 – August 2015) FP7-ICT-2013-10 Coordination and Support Action “ Cross border services, investment readiness and legal advice for ICT SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs” EU funding: 698 873 Euro

18 October 2013Go Beyond Ltd © 201310 Upcoming online Trainings NEW!Financing Overview for ICT Entrepreneurs 2 - 3 hrs. Learn the early-stage financing options, processes and best practices NEW!Early-Stage Investing Overview for ICT Investors 2 – 3 hrs. Learn the early-stage direct investing processes and best practices Due Diligence A detailed guide to conducting due diligence; from investor and entrepreneur perspectives Company ValuationUnderstand the most common methodologies used to evaluate the share value of a small business Deal TermsUnderstand the general terms and conditions of shareholder agreements and the impact they may have FinancialsLearn about (review) the fundamentals in financial reporting, financial analysis and the investment tools relevant to angel investing Manage & Follow-on RoundsBecome familiar with the stages of growth of small businesses and how to support them Exit InvestmentsLearn possible exit strategies and discuss how to prepare for them

19 Webinar Training Schedule 19Go Beyond Ltd © 2013October 2013 MONTHDATETRAINING January 20 / 22 Company Valuation February 3 / 6 Deal Terms March 5 Financing Overview for ICT Entrepreneurs 6 / 10 Due Diligence April 7 / 9 Manage and Follow-on Rounds 1 / 3 Financials May TBC Financing Overview for ICT Entrepreneurs TBC Early Stage Investing for ICT Investors 12 / 14 Exit Investments June 2 / 4 Company Valuation July 1 / 3 Deal Terms August - - October 20 / 22 Due Diligence 27 / 29 Manage and Follow-on Rounds November 3 / 5 Financials December 9 / 11Exit Investments

20 Upcoming Events 1) At ICT (Entrepreneurship and Investment Area) 09:00 - 11:00 Open Training session on business idea generation and access to finance 11:10 - 13:30 Pitching Part I and feedback from investors 14:45 - 15:30 Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes meeting entrepreneurs and investors 16:45 - 18:15 Pitching Part II 2) Heidelberg Innovation Forum Coaching and Pitching on 8 and 9 April, „Smart Production and Manufacturing

21 Visit our online matchmaking platform Visit our project website: Twitter: EuroQuity_fr Linkedin: ICT Tech Transfer Group Mail: Get in touch

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