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ALVIN ISD Coaches In-Service, 2013 Business Office Procedures.

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1 ALVIN ISD Coaches In-Service, 2013 Business Office Procedures

2 PURCHASES O Purchase Orders (P.O.’s) MUST be used for all District purchases of supplies, services, food, etc… O Examples: O Office Supplies O Repairs of Equipment O Maintenance of Equipment O Furniture O Food for Meetings O Policy CH (Local)

3 DO NOT pick up the phone to order supplies, food, equipment, etc… If ordering by phone have P.O. in hand.

4 Purchasing Violation Form O Notice of Failure to Comply with the District’s Purchasing Policies O Only 5 Warnings – 5 th goes to Cabinet O Violation Examples: 1. Purchases without a purchase order 2. Purchase order dated after the Invoice date 3. Supplies delivered to non Alvin ISD addresses

5 Failure to Comply Form

6 TRAVEL O Requires GREEN Travel Form O Uses of Form: Advance for approved trip (when including student meals ) Approval for Out-of-District trips (Region IV area) Reimbursement after trip O Meals, tolls, parking O Mileage (must include a printed mapquest sheet) In-District monthly travel Overnight Travel Travel with Students

7 Travel (cont’d) Name Date Vendor Number O not employee ID# O Secretary gets # from Purchasing dept Signature if requesting Advance Time of Departure Time of Return Purpose and Location of Activity Approvals Important Information on Form:

8 TRAVEL (cont’d) O Allow at least 2 weeks for the paperwork to be approved and given to the business office for payment. Required Approvals Overnight & In District Travel O Athletic Director O Business Office Out-of-State O Athletic Director O Superintendent O Business Office

9 Changes in Advance Procedures:  Meal Advances will only be issued for coaches & students when traveling together.  No other types of Advances will be issued.  Travel reimbursements (meals, mileage, parking) will now be issued as a Direct Deposit after the trip has occurred. Travel (cont’d)

10 O Travel Allowance – $.55 cents/mile O Meal Allotment - Overnight stay only Adults : Breakfast $9.00 Lunch $11.00 Dinner $16.00 Employee breakfasts will no longer be reimbursed for the first day of travel. Students: Breakfast $6.00 Lunch $8.00 Dinner $11.00 Remember: When staying overnight, the hotel receipt must be attached to green form in order to get the meal reimbursement. $36 $25

11 CA $ H PROCEDURES O Issue receipts – only from District Issued receipt books O All funds collected must be deposited O Turn in Money frequently for Deposits O At least once a week O Daily if during fundraiser O Money should be secured-Lock Bag/Drawer O Do not leave money in offices over week-end or holidays.(Except Seed Money) O Never alter funds received O NSF Checks – Envision 1-877-290-5460 O District student insurance fees

12 Athletic Camps O Fees paid for athletic camps cannot be paid directly to the person running the camp. O Checks must be made out to Alvin ISD. O All funds collected for Athletic Camps must be deposited into an activity account. O All expenditures for the camp will be paid from the same activity account. O Mandatory meeting in Spring with Facilities Dept. to coordinate summer camps.

13 BOOSTER CLUBS O Formed to help teams via fundraising O Keep arms length when helping O Do not use school time to handle Booster Club fundraisers

14 MANUALS O Business Office Procedures Manual O Activity Manual O Booster Club Manual The Business Office Procedures manual and the Activity Manual can be found on the Document Cloud under the Business folder under Manuals Booster Club manual is located in the Business Office department, under the Business Documents under the file Booster Club Manual All manuals have been updated


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