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The Scottish Parliament

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1 The Scottish Parliament
During a referendum in 1997, Scots voted in favour of a devolved Scottish Parliament. Some powers were reserved by the UK Parliament in Westminster but others, such as health and education, were devolved to the new Scottish Parliament which opened in 1999.

2 Recent Scottish Governments
1999 – 2003 = Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition 2003 – 2007 = Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition 2007 – 2011 = Scottish National Party formed minority government present Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority in 2011 election. This was unusual as the electoral system used, the Additional Member System, is a proportional system. This was the first time one party had won a majority of seats in a Scottish election SNP formed the Scottish Government Alex Salmond is currently First Minister Alex Salmond, First Minister 2007 – present (SNP) Donald Dewar, Scotland’s first First Minister (Labour) Jack McConnell, First Minister (Labour)

3 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Election Results
Party No. of seats SNP 69 Labour 37 Conservative 15 Liberal Democrats 5 Green 2 Independent 1

4 Scottish National Party
Currently Scotland’s main political party Led by Alex Salmond Nicola Sturgeon is Deputy First Minister Centre left party Promotes Scottish independence – referendum will be held on 18th September 2014 SNP also in favour of social democracy, nuclear disarmament and stronger ties with the E.U

5 Scottish Labour Party Currently Scotland’s main opposition party
Centre left party (like the UK Labour Party) with strong ties to Trade Unions Led by Johann Lamont Support Scotland remaining as part of the UK Labour were in Government in Scotland (with Liberal Democrats) from

6 Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Unlike in the UK Parliament, the Conservatives in Scotland are a minority party Centre right party Led by Ruth Davidson Support Scotland remaining as part of the UK Promotes conservatism and British unionism

7 Scottish Liberal Democrats
Scottish Liberal Democrats were in coalition government with Labour from Lost a lot of support in 2011 – as a result of forming a coalition government with the Conservatives in UK Parliament in 2010 Centre – Centre/Left party Led by Willie Rennie Support Scotland remaining as part of the UK but would allow Scotland more fiscal responsibility

8 Scottish Green Party The Scottish Green Party have enjoyed representation since the Scottish Parliament opened They had a peak of 7 seats in 2003 – 2007 Parliament and currently have 2 seats Centre left party Led by Patrick Harvie Supports Scottish independence Promotes environmentalism and equality

9 Independent MSPs There is currently only one independent MSP – Margo MacDonald Previously, the 2003 – 2007 Parliament had 3 independent MSPs Margo MacDonald supports Scottish independence MacDonald’s main campaign issue is supporting the right to die / assisted suicide

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