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Reproductive System Jeopardy.

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1 Reproductive System Jeopardy

2 100 200 300 400 500 Female #1 Female #2 Male #1 Male #2
Menstrual Cycle Fetal Develop. Grab Bag 100 200 300 400 500

3 Hollow muscular cavity where zygote implants and baby develops
Column 1, Question 100

4 What is the uterus

5 Passageway that leads from uterus to outside of body; birth canal
Column 1, Question 200

6 What is the vagina

7 Process of releasing an egg from the ovary
Column 1, Question 300

8 What is ovulation

9 Lining of the uterus that becomes thick to prepare for pregnancy
Column 1, Question 400

10 What is the endometrium

11 External reproductive organs of the female
Column 1, Question 500

12 What is the vulva

13 Lower portion of the uterus; opening that leads to the vagina
Column 2, Question 100

14 What is the cervix

15 Tube that carries mature egg from ovary to uterus; place of fertilization
Column 2, Question 200

16 What is Fallopian tube

17 Finger-like projections that guide the egg into the Fallopian tube
Column 2, Question 300

18 What are fimbrae

19 Small organ made of erectile tissue; homologous to the head of the penis
Column 2, Question 400

20 What is the clitoris

21 Hormone that causes the uterus to contract during childbirth
Column 2, Question 500

22 What is oxytocin

23 Two main things the testes produce
Column 3, Question 100

24 What are sperm and testosterone

25 Tube leading from bladder to exterior of body; semen and urine pass through
Column 3, Question 200

26 What is the urethra

27 Release of semen from the male’s body
Column 3, Question 300

28 What is ejaculation

29 Tube leading from epididymus to urethra; stores sperm until discharged
Column 3, Question 400

30 What is the vas deferens

31 Secretes a basic substance; makes up most of seminal fluid; sits under bladder
Column 3, Question 500

32 What is the prostate gland

33 Pouch of skin in which testes are housed
Column 4, Question 100

34 What is the scrotum

35 Main male organ that inserts semen into female vagina
Column 4, Question 200

36 What is the penis

37 Comma shaped structure found on outside of testes; where sperm mature
Column 4, Question 300

38 What is the epididymus

39 Secretes a liquid containing fructose used to nourish sperm and give them energy to swim
Column 4, Question 400

40 What is the seminal vesicle

41 Secretes a basic substance before ejaculation to prepare urethra for sperm
Column 4, Question 500

42 What is the bulbourethral gland

43 Cluster of cells that surrounds an egg and helps it mature
Column 5, Question 100

44 What is a follicle

45 What happens to the follicle in the Luteal Phase (after egg is released from ovary)
Column 5, Question 200

46 What is turns yellow

47 Two hormones that increase to help an egg mature
Column 5, Question 300

48 What are FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone)

49 This happens to the levels of estrogen and progesterone if the egg is NOT fertilized
Column 5, Question 400

50 What is decrease

51 Changes in estrogen/progesterone levels due to NO fertilization cause this to occur to the uterine lining and levels of FSH and LH Column 5, Question 500

52 What is uterine lining to detach and FSH and LH to increase

53 When sperm meets egg Column 6, Question 100

54 What is fertilization

55 Name for a fertilized egg
Column 6, Question 200

56 What is a zygote

57 Number of months of pregnancy required for a fully developed baby
Column 6, Question 300

58 What is nine

59 Fluid-filled sac that cushions and protects fetus in uterus; breaks during childbirth
Column 6, Question 400

60 What is the amniotic sac

61 Organ that allows mother and child to exchange nutrients and gases
Column 6, Question 500

62 What is the placenta

63 Twenty-eight day cycle in which woman’s body prepares for pregnancy
Column 7, Question 100

64 What is the menstrual cycle

65 Two things that the ovaries produce
Column 7, Question 200

66 What are eggs and estrogen

67 Trimester of pregnancy during which baby’s heart starts to beat
Column 7, Question 300

68 What is the first trimester

69 This happens to the cervix during childbirth
Column 7, Question 400

70 What is dilates or opens up

71 This happens to the lining of the uterus when estrogen increases
Column 7, Question 500

72 What is thickens

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