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European Commission - DG INFSO

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1 European Commission - DG INFSO
The e-VLBI Effelsberg Inauguration: European Commission perspective Effelsberg, 19 November 2008 Jean-Luc Dorel European Commission - DG INFSO "The views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission"

2 a new vision for Science a new vision for Science
Global & complex challenges with high societal impact Data deluge… born digital material… virtual-labs Cross-disciplinarity Spread of skills and competences empirical experimental theoretical computational science e-Science Global Virtual Research Communities

3 GÉANT: connecting Europe GÉANT: connecting Europe
Pan-European coverage (40+ countries /4000 institutions / 30+ million students) Hybrid architecture: connectivity at 10 Gb/s (aggregated traffic) dark fiber wavelengths (demanding communities) NREN aggregator Global reach GEANT3

4 a staged approach a staged approach
Innovating the scientific process: global virtual research communities Accessing knowledge: scientific data Designing future facilities: novel e-Infrastructures Sharing the best resources: e-Science grid Linking the ideas at the speed of the light: GÉANT

5 involving scientific communities involving scientific communities
neuGRID EUFORIA D4SCIENCE ETSF IMPACT METAFOR EuroVO-AIDA GENESI-DR EXPRES FEDERICA EVALSO EGEE DEISA DRIVER GÉANT network grids data generic e-Infrastructure… user communities involvement

6 policy debate policy debate
ESFRI: European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures e-IRG: e-Infrastructures Reflection Group ENPG: European Network Policy Group Council of European Union: research infrastructures, scientific data, regional dimension ERA (European Research Area) green book Communications to the Council and Parliament: scientific data, ICT infrastructures for Science

7 conclusions conclusions
e-Infrastructures implement a key EU policy and strategy. Each project has a dual role: to reach its own objectives, to ensure the advancement of e-Infrastructures. The nature of infrastructure highlights this second objective. The value of a project is directly proportional to its ability to establish synergies within the domain. EXPReS and e-VLBI is part of this strategy by both advancing the radio-astronomy towards new ways of doing science as well as a promoting the usage of e-infrastructure

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