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TRAVELLING Eliška Ladmová, 4.A GYBON 2015. TRAVELLING Work X school X holidays X trips.

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1 TRAVELLING Eliška Ladmová, 4.A GYBON 2015

2 TRAVELLING Work X school X holidays X trips

3 Travelling & Means of transport Car (+taxi):advantages - speed, comfort; going anywhere and whenever you need to; independence on public transport; sufficient space for luggage; stop where and when you want; change the journey plan if necessary… X disadvantages – expensive; high expenses on fuel and repair service; dangerous traffic during rush hours…

4 Travelling & Means of transport Bus:advantages – the only way to get to work; services available almost everywhere; cut-price fares for students, pensioners and the disabled… X disadvantages – fares are increasingly more expensive; old buses are slow, uncomfortable; sometimes not punctual and crowded, do not look very reliable…

5 Travelling & Means of transport Train:advantages - relatively cheap; enough space when it is not crowded; rest while travelling; have a meal in a restaurant car or sleep in a sleeping car if there is one;today they are becoming faster, more punctual, more comfortable, cleaner and more reliable… X disadvantages – less comfortable than flying or travelling by car; sometimes you have to change or wait for connection; in the CR: often late, dirty and shabby, no difference between first and second class…

6 Travelling & Means of transport Plane:advantages – quickest and most comfortable way of travelling abroad to distant countries… X disadvantages – most expensive, special rules – be at the airport a little earlier; have to have your luggage checked and weighed; go through customs hall, show your passport and visa if needed; have your hand luggage checked, then you can go to the departure hall and wait for your flight…

7 Travelling & Means of transport Ship:hundreds years ago ships provided transportation between continents separated by oceans and they were one of the most popular means of transport; today – floating hotels with luxurious facilities, also pleasure crafts are very popular : motor yachts, sailing yachts and small boats owned by private individuals

8 Travelling & Means of transport Others:motorbike, bicycle, roller-skates.... - suitable for short distances,healthy

9 Travelling & Tourism The desire to travel is as old as civilization Travelling was considered a part of a good and proper education in the past Dangerous and uncertain event → today easily planned and coordinated adventure The modern travel industry is organized to satisfy every need and desire of the individual traveller The most important components of the travel industry are destinations, transport, accomodation and catering Travellers can either organize their trip themselves or use the services of a large number of travel agents, tour companies, transport companies, or local or national tourism boards

10 Travelling & Tourism Destinations:there are thousands of travel books available on every place a tourist might wish to visit; you can also use the internet, TV advertising or a travel agent´s brochures

11 Travelling & Tourism Transport:tourists can fly, rent cars, drive their own cars, get about by coach and travel by train using many transport bargains (Eurail pass); they can even go from one place to another by ship, ferry, or riverboat and if they stay in one location, they often take advantage of local public transport, streetcars, buses, cabs and the underground

12 Travelling & Tourism Accomodation:hotels operated by chains usually offer accomodation ranging from the inexpensive to the luxurious ones, but there are still many privately owned inns and hotels that are much cheaper; least expensive for the average traveller is the family hotel, or boardinghouse (bed and breakfast), which offers inexpensive rooms and meals; students can stay in youth hostels at little cost; tent in a campground…

13 Travelling & Tourism Catering:dinning habits vary from country to country; it depends only on your preferences

14 Me & travelling

15 Thank you for your attention

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