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Parental Involvement April S. Dudley National Education Goals Goal 8 w “Every school will promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement.

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2 Parental Involvement April S. Dudley

3 National Education Goals Goal 8 w “Every school will promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.”

4 Agenda w Research findings w Making parents feel welcome in the school w Making parents feel welcome in the classroom w Communicating with parents

5 Why is parental involvement needed? Research tells us...

6 w When parents are involved, students tend to achieve more, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents’ education level.

7 w The more extensive the parent involvement, the higher the student achievement.

8 w When parents are involved in students’ education, those students generally have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and more consistently completed homework.

9 w Student achievement for disadvantaged children not only improves, but can also reach levels that are standard for middle- class children.

10 w Students who are furthest behind are most likely to make the greatest gains.

11 w Students usually have better attitudes, are more motivated, and have better self- esteem.

12 w Alcohol use, violence, and antisocial behavior decrease.

13 w School programs that involve parents usually outperform identical programs without parent & family involvement.

14 Helping Parents Feel Welcome in the School w Keep the climate open, friendly, & helpful. w Roll out the red carpet for visitors. Welcome sign Smile Special note on sign-in sheet Tea/coffee Special badges Invitations

15 w Invite parents to special events. Lunch Class parties Project displays Donuts for dads Muffins for moms Volunteer appreciation day Orientation Open house Assemblies

16 w Make a big deal about family/parent nights. Timely notice Entertainment by students Staff greeting and mixing with parents Inexpensive dinners, bake sales, or carnivals Rewards to classes with highest attendance Transportation Childcare No homework

17 Encourage parents to share ideas & skills. w Survey for school volunteers Participate in parent advisory committee Paint or make repairs Plant flowers Make phone calls Assist with special events Create web page Serve on PTO committee Serve on personnel screening committee Assist librarian or nurse

18 Making Parents Feel Welcome in the Classroom w Greet parents with handshake & genuine smile. w Talk with parents as partners. w Display students’ work, art, and photos. w Remember to say “thank you.” w Mention visitors in the newsletter. w Ask for inexpensive items that are needed for special class activities.

19 Parent Volunteers in the classroom -- Be prepared for them! w Listen to a student read w Read to a student w Run copies w Prepare bulletin board w Assist with art w Chaperone w Tutor a student w Prepare game w Type handout w File students’ work w Assist with group activities

20 Establishing & Maintaining Two-Way Communication With Parents w Initiate partnership before crisis arises w Avoid educational jargon w Regularly distribute graded work for parental comment & review w Require tests to be signed & returned w Consider language barriers w Provide phone number and hours you are available w Parents sign homework list daily w Make 3 positive contacts for every negative one.

21 Written Communication w Beginning of year letter w Weekly/monthly syllabus w Calendar w Newsletter w Informal notes w Homework lists w Progress reports w Fax w E-mail

22 Assist Parents w Explain best ways to study. w Provide study sheets. w Make sure items needed for homework leave classroom with every student every day. w Provide parenting tips on class newsletter.

23 Conferences w Have at mutually agreed upon time/place. w Sit beside parents. w Establish common bond of concern for student. w Begin & end with praise. w Be candid, not defensive or accusing. w Repeat what is heard in order to clarify. w State facts in form of questions. w Take notes. w Share portfolio samples.

24 Handling Conflict w State the concern w Describe specific behaviors w Tell steps already taken w Tell future action to be taken by teacher w Express confidence in partnership w Plan for follow-up to discuss progress

25 w Parental Involvement is a process, not a program of activities. w It requires on-going energy & effort.

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