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30th OEWG, Geneva Critical Use Nomination: Interim Recommendations MBTOC Cochairs :  Ian Porter  Mohamed Besri  Michelle Marcotte  Marta Pizano June.

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1 30th OEWG, Geneva Critical Use Nomination: Interim Recommendations MBTOC Cochairs :  Ian Porter  Mohamed Besri  Michelle Marcotte  Marta Pizano June 2010

2 Trends in Total Amount (t) of MB Approved or Newly Nominated for Critical Uses from 2005 - 2012 Overall, CUNs continue to fall. The EC, New Zealand and Switzerland have phased out for controlled uses; Next year, Israel will phase out all uses and Japan all soil uses. tonnes

3 Trends in Total MB (tonnes*) Exempted (Requested) Amounts by Party *Numbers rounded to nearest tonne

4 Adjustments to CUE Amounts - Consideration of Stocks (Dec IX/6 1,bii) MB stocks (t) reported at end of: 20052009 Australia0 0 Canada3.7 6.4 EC121.0 0.1 Israel0Not Reported Japan48.1 4.0 New Zealand2.8 0 USA10,417.03,122.0 Total10,592.73,132.4 -MBTOC CUE recommendations not adjusted to account for stocks -Stocks reported by USA are over twice the annual US CUNs.

5 MBTOC Soils 30 th OEWG - Geneva

6 MB Preplant Soil Use - 2010 CUN Round 27 CUNs submitted - similar to previous round. Nominations were for a single year, 9 for 2011 and 18 for 2012. Supplementary CUN from Australia of 5.95 t for 2011 for strawberry runners.

7 Preplant Soil CUNs in 2011 and 2012 Preplant Uses CUN 2011 CUN 2012 * Cucurbits, Melons, WatermelonsIsrael (x2)Japan (x3), USA Forest nurseriesUSA Ginger (open field, protected)Japan (x2) Nurseries (fruit, nut, flower)USA Orchard replantUSA Ornamentals (open field, protected)Israel (x2)USA Peppers and eggplantIsraelJapan, USA TomatoesIsraelUSA Sweet potato transplantsUSA Strawberry fruitIsrael (x2)USA Strawberry runnersIsrael (x2)Australia, Canada, USA Israel and Japan (16 CUNs) - will not nominate in future

8 Outcome of CUN 2010 interim assessment for soil use for 2011/2012 (tonnes) Total Quantity approved in CUN09 for 2011 2031 New quantity nominated for 2011 Interim Recommendation Not Recommended 238 230 8 Quantity nominated for 2012 Interim Recommendation Not Recommended 1271 1164 107 (*Figures rounded to nearest tonne)

9 CUN10 Recommendations for Preplant Soil Use by Party (t) Country CUNInterim Recommendation 2011201220112012 Australia6306 Canada55 Israel*232225 Japan*216 USA1021913

10 In 2009, Parties reduced the Australian CUN by 5.95 t based on a 17.5 g/m 2 dose rate. In 2010, Australia reported this rate was ineffective for their conditions and renominated 5.95 t for 2011. MBTOC recommends approval Australia Supplementary CUN 5.95 t for Strawberry Runners in 2011

11 MB Preplant Soil Use: Issues and Progress in CUN 2010 For 2012, Australia (29.790t) and Canada (5.261 t) nominated the same amount as for 2011 for strawberry runners. Future reductions in MB CUNs depend on registration of MI/Pic, Pic100 or plug plants in substrates. Israel and Japan reduced nominated amounts by 20% and 4% respectively. US made significant reductions in many sectors (48%). Further reductions in some sectors difficult if new alternatives not registered (e.g., MI/Pic, DMDS).

12 Significant US Progress in CUN 2010 Substantial reductions were made in several large sectors, including tomatoes and orchard replants

13 The US nominated 752.230 t in January 2010 and subsequently revised the CUN to 749.055 t after the April MBTOC meeting. At the April meeting, MBTOC recommended a reduced amount of 644.429 t based on the CUN and a detailed database from the California Strawberry Commission. MBTOC based its reduction on further uptake of MB/Pic formulations, 1,3-D/Pic and Pic alone. A new alternative, methyl iodide/Pic, may be registered in late 2010, which could reduce future CUNs. MBTOC requests an action plan to address future reductions. US Strawberry Fruit: Issues

14 The US continues to reclassify some preplant soil uses from CUNs to the QPS exemption that other Parties consider subject to phaseout (e.g., forest nurseries, caladiums, roses).  The US previously nominated some of these uses for CUNs and the list of the pathogens reported were not quarantine pests.  TEAP/MBTOC is concerned that these uses are not for quarantine pests and therefore may not qualify for the QPS exemption MBTOC urges Parties to decide under which circumstances preplant soil use for propagative material qualifies for QPS. Question Concerning QPS Soil Uses

15 MBTOC Structures and Commodities 30th OEWG - Geneva

16 2010 CUN Structures (4 CUNs) Food processing -- bakeries, pasta, cheese in storages, pet food facilities (Canada and US) Flour mills and cereal processing (Canada and US) Commodities (4 CUNs) Chestnuts (Japan) Dry cure pork in storages (US) Dried fruit, walnuts and dates (US) Rice (Australia)

17 Structural and Commodity CUNs for 2011 and 2012 assessed in 2010 round (tonnes) Quantity nominated for 2011 3.5* MBTOC recommendation for 2011 2.0 Quantity nominated for 2012 182.2 MBTOC recommendation for 2012 98.9 Total nomination in 2010 round185.7 Interim total recommendation in 2010 101.0 * Not including first round of CUNs for 2011

18 2010 SC CUN Summary Australia rice 2012; –Nominated 4.870 t. Recommended 1.948 t –Registered alternatives are available for immediate adoption. Canada flour mills 2012; –Nominated 11.020 t. Recommended 11.020 t. –Reduction of 22% in 2011 and 50% since 2010. –Will fumigate ~ 8 mills. –SF still not registered for food contact. Canada pasta 2011; –Nominated 3.529 t, Recommended 2.084 t –Request for three facilities - one annual fumigation each. –MB use in one facility not recommended - not gas tight. –Heat treatment and SF are only alternatives for part of facilities.

19 2010 SC CUN Summary cont’d Japan chestnuts 2012; Nominated 4.870 t. Recommended 1.948 t –MI registered. Farmer training and adoption could begin in 2011 US dried fruit, walnuts and dates 2012; Nominated 4.907 t. Recommended 2.155 t. -US reports that this sector has reached maximum adoption of alternatives, and that export walnuts that formerly used SF are now using QPS MB. -MBTOC identified registered alternatives for some uses. -Research hopes to resolve lack of efficacy with SF for dates. US food processing (NPMA) 2012 ; Nominated 17.365 t. Not recommended. - The nomination failed to substantiate appropriate effort. Applicable studies or reports were not provided. The CUN claimed that trials had been conducted, but that reports would not be submitted.

20 2010 SC CUN cont’d US mills and processors 2012; Nominated 135.299 t, Reduced to 74.510 t –50% decrease in flour and rice milling. –Only one flour mill study was submitted - no studies in rice mills or pet food establishments. –No heat treatment trials were included. US cured pork 2012; –Nominated 3.73 t, Recommended 3.73 t. –No alternative registered for this use. –A multi-state, multi-university research program is ongoing.

21 Problems Identified Progress has stalled for the majority of postharvest CUNs Further reductions in MB use for post harvest require; –Regulatory approvals of alternatives –Commitment to requiring the use of the alternatives that are available, Concerns about costs and the high GWP of SF are cited as barriers to adoption. The limited registration of SF for food contact prevents full adoption in mills and food processing facilities. In applications where heat treatment could be effective, delay in the registration of SF for food contact is used as a reason to continue the use of MB.

22 Problems continued In two CUNs, regulatory interpretation is cited as preventing the adoption of alternatives - sulfuryl fluoride for rice in Australia and sulfuryl fluoride use for dates in US. –MBTOC believes the label covers these uses. Despite the return to normal profitability, there has been no adoption of alternatives for rice in Australia. Inadequate substantiation that identified alternatives are ineffective in replacing MB in the food processing facility sector.

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