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Explore US with undergraduate studies Undergraduate Studies: Central Advising Service.

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1 Explore US with undergraduate studies Undergraduate Studies: Central Advising Service

2 Covering All Bets: Advising Across the Board 859.257.3383 Kelly Green Crume Suanne H. Early Catharine Penfold Academic Advisors, University of Kentucky

3 Covering All Bets Advising Across the Board Central Advising Service at UK Outreach Summer Advising: An Individual Approach Freshman Survey (College Transition Inventory) Welcome Picnic linked to individual appointments UK 101 Intervention Individualized approaches to students on probation Major Declaration Exit Survey Question & Answer

4 Central Advising Service Undergraduate Studies Staff Director Assistant director 12 Academic advisors (8 FT, 4 PT) Clerical staff (2 FT) Student workers (number varies) Graduate students (3 each summer) Students We Advise Undergraduate Studies students (formerly “undeclared”) Non-degree (we serve approximately 90% of all UK non-degree students) Pre-professional students (in addition to their major advisor) National Student Exchange students

5 Undergraduate Studies Students Students in Undergraduate Studies Excludes non degree and pre pharm Comparison of Enrolled Freshmen by College (UK) Agriculture417 219 Arts & Sciences636726 Business & Economics395411 Comm & Info Studies154140 Design8597 Education174214 Engineering440433 Fine Arts124134 Health Sciences123149 Nursing107122 Social Work1213 Undergraduate Studies Excludes nondegree and pre pharm 9451,057 TOTAL3,8574,003 College2003 2004 Fall 20022,082 Fall 20032,155 Fall 20042,265

6 Summer Advising Day 1 (afternoon) Administer CTI Advising presentations Individual assistance with schedule building Day 2 (morning) Individual appointments to register students (15 minutes each ) Conferences 5-week period in the summer Freshmen 12 Transfer 4 Readmitted 2

7 College Transition Inventory An open-ended instrument administered during summer advising to gather information on incoming students Content Demographic information Interests Attitudes toward college Study habits Purpose Help build rapport with students upon meeting Promotes discussion of academic expectations

8 Adjustment to Campus Central Advising Welcome Two-hour outdoor event during Kentucky Welcome (UK Orientation) Beach theme “Ask An Advisor” table Individual Advising Appointments Half-hour individual appointments Discuss adjustment to campus First evaluation of coursework Explain registration process

9 UK 101 Target Population US first semester freshmen Description of Class 3 credit hour class, full semester Pass/Fail Three sections taught by US advisors 75-80 students Course Topics Academic success University resources First-year transitional issues Career exploration

10 Academic Recovery Conference Target Population Students on academic probation following their first semester at UK Purpose Academic intervention Process Mandatory attendance Personalized invitation Program Registration 12:30 - 12:45 pm Introduction 12:45 - 1:00 pm Study Skills 1:00 - 1:30 pm Group Advising 1:30 - 3:00 pm

11 Engineering Transfer Advising Program (ETAP) Target Population Students who are suspended from the College of Engineering and transferred to Undergraduate Studies Purpose Facilitate academic recovery Challenges Conference attendance Inflexible toward exploring major options Unrealistic academic expectations Program Registration 12:30 pm Introduction 12:45 - 1:00 pm Career Exploration 1:00 - 1:30 pm Group Advising 1:30 - 3:00 pm

12 Probation Interventions Target Population Students on academic probation Purpose Academic support and accountability Individual appointments with students Three contacts with advisor by midterm Identify barriers to success Identify strengths Set goals Outcomes ARC students who met with their advisor three times by midterm were significantly more likely to be off probation and significantly less likely to be suspended than students who had no contact with their advisor

13 EPE 174: Theories of College Student Success Target Population Probation Students ETAP Students Reinstated Students Purpose Understand student development and cognitive development theories Engage in campus culture Apply knowledge Assignments Weekly reflection exercises Academic success portfolio Goals to Graduation project Campus exploration activities

14 Cohort Retention Rates

15 Central Advising Exit Survey Process Administered between November 29 to February 25 to students declaring a major and switching out of USUS (N = 573) Students rated their advisors on eight essential characteristics on 4-point scales anchored by “strongly disagree” and “strongly agree” Additional Measures Perceptions of new major Ratings of the importance of different sources of information in choosing a major

16 Initial Findings Advisor meetings and ratings Students reported an average of 3.57 visits to Central Advising There was a small positive correlation between the number of visits and the overall advisor rating (r =.16, p <.0002) The overall advisor rating was positively associated with students’ perceptions of majors being interesting (r =.42, p <.001)

17 My advisor... (percent of students who agreed or strongly agreed)

18 I chose this major because it... (percent of students who agreed or strongly agreed)

19 Percent of students reporting a source of information as a “major influence” on their choice of major

20 Discussion Kelly Green Crume Suanne H. Early Catharine Penfold

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