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Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Presented to CSO workshops during 2013 in SOLWEZI AUGUST 27 NDOLA AUGUST 29 LUSAKA OCTOBER 22.

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1 Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Presented to CSO workshops during 2013 in SOLWEZI AUGUST 27 NDOLA AUGUST 29 LUSAKA OCTOBER 22

2 Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Background o Roles of Sectors o Why Medicines Status of MeTA in Zambia Management Arrangements (Local) o National Secretariat o Zambia MeTA Council o MeTA Council sub-committees o MeTA Forum Way Forward

3 BACKGROUND MeTA is a multistakeholder alliance of partners working to improve access to medicines by increasing transparency and accountability in the healthcare marketplace The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is providing initial funding for 4 years after the pilot project ended in 2010 in 7 countries

4 BACKGROUND 2 Other partners include WHO, the World Bank, governments, global and national CSOs, pharmaceutical and other business interests MeTA is a multistakeholder forum representing Government, CSOs and the private sector

5 BACKGROUND 3 MeTA’s focus is on strengthening countries capacity to collect, analyze, disseminate and use data on medicine quality, availability, pricing and use, amongst others One of the objectives is to promote transparency and accountability in national supply chains

6 Roles of Sectors Public Sector plays essential role in: ◦procurement systems; have an essential role in enhancing access and reasonable costing of essential medicines ◦registration and regulation of health commodities available nationally  monitoring drug quality  public health facilities play a central role in setting national policies in regard to providing quality health delivery

7 Role of Sectors  Private Sector ◦Private players can influence all aspects of medicines supply and demand, that decide cost and availability of basic health commodities for end users  International and local manufacturers play an important role ◦Drug importers are likely to have an influential role in the private sector ◦Other major actors in the pharmaceutical sector include private pharmacies and other retail outlets; wholesalers of health commodities; private physicians and other medical practitioners and clinics. ◦Supply chain operators and distributors play significant roles in the safe storage, quality assurance and timely delivery of health commodities.

8 Role of Sectors Civil Society Organizations ◦Very broad and diverse sector which includes community, patients and consumers ◦Has a critical role in disseminating medicines information on pricing, availability, affordability etc from national to community level ◦Can represent needs of poor, socially excluded and promote social justice

9 WHY MEDICINES Access to essential medicines is a fundamental human right recognized by governments around the world Essential medicines are a global necessity for all countries whether rich or poor

10 WHY MEDICINES 2 Many people in Zambia are unable to access essential medicines to save or improve their lives Under phase two of MeTA we are including among CSOs political parties and religious organisations Many people do not have regular and affordable access to essential medicines

11 WHY MEDICINES 3 The importance of access to essential medicines also recognized in the Millennium Development Goals Access to ARVs has transformed AIDS into a potentially manageable chronic disease Essential medicines save lives, reduce suffering and improve health, but only if they are of good quality, safe, affordable, efficacious and used properly

12 Status of MeTA in Zambia Pilot ended in 2010 Phase 2 started in August 2012 but Zambia has just been funded as June 2012 Under Phase 2 MeTA Zambia will be registered. Process has started Under Pilot we covered 3 provinces – North Western, Central and Lusaka. Under phase 2 we are covering 5 provinces. We have added Copperbelt and Southern

13 Management Arrangements National Secretariat ◦Under pilot TIZ acted as national secretariat and fund holder ◦Under phase 2 PSZ is the fund holder ◦A Coordinator runs the Secretariat Executive Committee - The is an Executive Committee - and three subcommittees – a) Finance and Administration, b) Research and Policy c) and Communications

14 Management Arrangements 2 MeTA Council ◦Governing council that oversees implementation process of the workplan; makes binding decisions ◦Monitors performance of national secretariat ◦Holds bi-monthly meetings ◦Appoints executive and sub-committees ◦Develops TORs for sub-committees and rules and regulations to govern the Council ◦Current MeTA Council in existence since October 2012

15 Management Arrangements 3  MeTA Forum  Involves Stakeholders from a cross section of society  Main objective to discuss findings from reports on transparency and accountability concerning pricing, procurement etc. of medicines  Under phase two this will constitute the AGM where MeTA Council members will be elected/appointed  Will hold meetings annually

16 Way Forward Register MeTA Zambia Hold more consultations at district level about setting up district committees in five provinces Set up district committees in five provinces Hold consultations about contribution of funds to district committees from CDF Districts to identify medicineslhealth issues in their areas for advocacy

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