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Unit 4 Chapter 8 Lesson 1 Pages

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1 Unit 4 Chapter 8 Lesson 1 Pages 294-299
Fighting for Control Unit 4 Chapter 8 Lesson 1 Pages

2 OBJECTIVES Describe the fight to control North America.
Describe how alliances between native Americans and colonists affected the French and Indian War. Explain the new laws passed after the French and Indian War.

3 VOCABULARY Alliance – a formal agreement among groups or individuals.
Delegates – representatives Parliament – the lawmaking branch of the British government Proclamation – public announcement Budget – plan for spending money


5 The Ohio Valley Claimed by Britain and France
Along the Ohio River from the Appalachians to the Mississippi River British = trade & growth French = connected land in New France & New Orleans 1750 – France sends soldiers to kick out the British

6 French and Indian War Begins

7 WAR 1754 – Starts in North America Spread to Europe
Native Americans fought for both sides, but mostly for the French

8 How did it all start? July 1754 – Colonial leaders meet at Albany, New York 7 Colonies sent delegates, Benjamin Franklin was one of them Franklin said colonies MUST unite to fight French Plan was known as the Albany Plan of Union – but not approved – colonists not ready to fight

9 A month earlier Virginia sends George Washington to lead 150 soldiers to take Ohio Valley from French Battles were fought Fort Necessity built by Virginians July 3, 1754 – French attack and take over the fort.

10 Fort Necessity Battle the 1st of the war

11 HELP NEEDED Colonists asked Parliament for help
They sent an army to help fight the French and their Native American Allies General Edward Braddock led the British

12 British lose early battles
April 1755 – Braddock takes 1,800 troops to attack Fort Duquesne Washington came as an advisor British – fight in open fields French – fight like Native Americans (hide in forests) Braddock is killed!

13 British start making progress. . .
Britain sends more troops and supplies Captured Fort Duquesne & other French forts Defeat French at Montreal & Quebec

14 At home in Britain 1756 – French & British start fighting in Europe
Spain joins sides with French British = stronger navy and defeat the Spanish in 1762 France gives Spain most of Louisiana to make up for Spain’s losses


16 Treaty of Paris 1763 – War ends Britain gains most of
Canada all French lands east of the Mississippi River Spanish Florida France losses most of their land in North America

17 Still more trouble . . . British colonists wanted to move west and settle in what was once French land Native Americans not so open to this idea 1763 – Ottawa Chief Pontiac – unites Native Americans Attack British forts and British settlements around forts

18 Proclamation of 1763 King George III wants to end the fighting
1763 makes the Proclamation of 1763 States: All land west of the Appalachian Mountains belong to Native Americans White settlers in those lands were to leave

19 WHAT???? Colonists ignored the Proclamation of 1763.
They had a right to that land They fought for it and were not moving So fighting continued with Native Americans Who does the King think he is anyway?????

20 $$$$$ Britain needs money to pay for the cost of the French and Indian War Parliament passes new taxes for the colonists to pay That should be fair, they fought the war for them anyway

21 SUGAR ACT 1764 – Sugar Act passed to raise money
Taxed sugar & molasses brought into the colonies from the West Indies This hurt mostly New England business (Remember the Triangular Trade)

22 How did the French and Indian War change relations between the colonists and British?
Proclamation of 1763 Sugar Act Both angered the colonists

23 What events caused the French and Indian War?
Land disputes between the French & British, mainly in the Ohio Valley The Battle of Fort Necessity

24 Why do you think French soldiers chose to fight in the same was as their Native American allies?
They had learned that the Native American’s fighting style was better suited to the forested frontier.

25 Cause and Effect CAUSE  EFFECT  Parliament passes the sugar act

26 Cause and Effect CAUSE The British decide colonists should help pay for the war EFFECT  Parliament passes the sugar act

27 Cause and Effect CAUSE The Virginians build Fort Necessity in a disputed area. EFFECT 

28 Cause and Effect CAUSE The Virginians build Fort Necessity in a disputed area. EFFECT The French attack troops at Fort Necessity starting the French and Indian War


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