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12 – 13 November 2009 Global Migration Group (GMG) Presentation at the 48 th session of the UNITAR Board of Trustees Meeting.

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1 12 – 13 November 2009 Global Migration Group (GMG) Presentation at the 48 th session of the UNITAR Board of Trustees Meeting

2 2 A little history  1994: Program of Action formulated by International Conference on Population and Development  2002: Doyle Commission - how to Strengthen the UN’s Role on Migration Issues  December 2003: Global Commission on International Migration (Brazil, Morocco, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland + 14 others)  2006: GMG established in response to recommendation from GCIM  Inter-agency coordinating mechanism  Principals level (Heads of Agencies) and technical level (Focal Points working group)  6 month rotating chairmanship  2007: First Global Forum on Migration and Development  2007: UNITAR GMG membership.  Why? Among the 1 st to offer training (400 beneficiaries/year from 35 countries), policy discussions, body of knowledge.

3 3 14 GMG Members

4 4 What does the GMG do?  Exchange information and expertise to improve inter- agency cooperation on migration issues  Develop compendia of its members’ work and experience, showcasing effective policies and practices  Produce joint outputs: GMG publication on Migration and Human Rights, GMG Fact Sheets on the Impacts of the global economic crisis on international migration  Contribute to major international initiatives (HLD, GFMD)

5 5 UNITAR and the GMG UNITAR Leadership of GMG  GMG “leadership crisis” in early 2009  Heads of major GMG agencies call on UNITAR to assume chairmanship  UNITAR starts chairmanship on 1 June 2009, supported by NY-GVA based team of four  UNITAR raises US$ 50,000 in support from the MacArthur Foundation

6 6 GMG Challenges Assessment: The Challenges  Little interest and commitment by GMG Principals due to:  Excessive focus on procedural issues and GFMD process.  Discrepancies in terms of agency involvement (capacities, expertise, resources) in migration issues.  Lack of political support from Member States, criticism from SRSG.  Convoluted mandate (ToRs) without clear focus.  No independent resource base and institutional support structure.  Result: Lack of joint vision and little GMG visibility

7 7 Challenges UNITAR’s Vision Foster a sense of purpose within the Group Adopt clear rules of engagement Enhance GMG voice and visibility

8 8 Strategy Fostering a sense of purpose Engagement of Principals around the substantive focus on the impacts of the economic crisis on migration  GMG Principals Retreat  Held on 9 October 2009 in Menthon Saint-Bernard  8 Principals + all members at observer level  Show of commitment + call for “clever” leadership  Discussion on migration and the economic crisis  Strategic outlook at engagement with inter-governmental fora and other stakeholders  Endorsement of working methods and joint outputs

9 9 Identifying GMG Priorities no. 1 priority: Exchange information to improve inter-agency cooperation. no. 2 priority: Collaborate on research, data collection and analysis. no. 3 priority: Establish a comprehensive and coherent approach to international migration. no. 4 priority: Strengthen a principled approach to migration governance and management. no. 5 priority: Contribute to major initiatives of GMG members and the international community. no. 6 priority: Identifying critical issues and best practices related to international migration and development. Fostering a sense of purpose Strategy

10 10 Adopting clear rules of engagement  Creation and adoption of an annual workplan  Coordination between successive chairmanships through Troika of chairs  Clearly defined responsibilities of the chair and the members of the Group  Closer relationship with the SRSG  One annual Principals Retreat, only high-level participation Strategy

11 11 Enhancing GMG voice and visibility  GMG participation in GFMD III  Joint statement in the opening Magna session  Joint press conference in Athens  Fact Sheets on migration and the economic crisis  Revamped website: Strategy

12 12 Outlook Next steps Close collaboration with UNDP on:  Implementation of Workplan in 2010  Joint public conference in 2010  Communication strategy for the GMG  Dissemination of the 2009 HDR messages  Further coordination in the context of GFMD IV


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