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How to register a tournament online Step by step process.

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1 How to register a tournament online Step by step process

2 Step 1 Visit the tournament page on the OSA website. Click on the link to apply to host a tournament.

3 Step 2 We will assume you have never registered a tournament before (if you have, please skip to Step 5). Click on the Register New Tournament button.

4 Step 3 As a first time user you will be asked basic questions that will create your account. There are two drop down fields. One will ask for the year of the tournament (select the year) and the other will ask for the state association (select Oklahoma Soccer Association). Click on Submit when you have completed the page.

5 Step 4 This page will be emailed to you and provide you with your PIN. Please print this page and/or save it to a secure location on your computer. Click on the link to go to the registration page.

6 Step 5 You will now be returned to the first page you saw, but you can now enter a PIN and begin your process. Enter your email address and PIN # provided you. Then click on the SIGN IN button.

7 Step 6 This is the Procedures page. It is 4 pages long (you may print it off from this site or from the OSA site). Please print it off and keep it handy! You will need to refer to it at some point. You must check that you have read and agreed to all policies stated before you can continue. Check the box in the gray square and then click on the Submit button.

8 Step 7 The next page to appear is a check list of procedures that must be completed before the application may be approved. IMPORTANT! – If you do not have all of the required information ready to enter, the program will not provide you a “Submit” button. HOWEVER if the information provided in one of the sections is incomplete or incorrect, the file will go into a“PENDING” status when submitted and delay approval. OSA will contact you for the information, but this delays approval.

9 Step 8 Each item on the Check List has a separate page requiring input. We will go through each of the 13 pages to assist you in completing the form. Tournament Information Tournament Director Hosting Organization Director Competition Levels Referee Assignor Director of Field Marshals Communications Director Hosting Organization Tournament Headquarters Procuring Liability Insurance Credentials Check Tournament Communication Use of USSF referees

10 Step 9 Tournament Information Complete the information fields on hosting organization, location of the tournament, dates of the tournament, deadline, and expected number of teams. These fields are required.

11 Step 9 – part a Teams will be invited from: If you wish to invite USYS teams only, check the All State Associations and print in the box, USYS teams only. If you wish to host an unrestricted tournament, check the All State Associations and Other US Member Organizations and print in the box the following statement: “All teams and tournament participants must abide by the Oklahoma Soccer Association’s and US Youth Soccer’s policies, rules and regulations and are subject to their disciplinary actions. All teams wishing to participate in an “open” tournament that are not USYS members will be required to provide proof of liability insurance paperwork indemnifying OSA from harm.”

12 Step 9 – part b The next step is to include your tournament/club/league website. This is not required. The final step is to place a short description of your tournament in the last box on the page. This is not a required field. Click Submit to continue.

13 Step 10 Tournament Director or Contact Person Enter the information on the person who will be your Tournament Director who must be a member of OSA and a local club officer. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue.

14 Step 11 President or Chief Officer of the Hosting Organization Enter the information on the person who is the President of your local organization. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue.

15 Step 12 Competition Levels Click on the age and gender of the groups your tournament will accept. Click Submit to continue.

16 Step 12 – part a This page is the one that will take a considerable amount of time to complete. Please be accurate! Each age group and gender is listed separately. For each age group you have selected you will need to enter the information required. Click on the word “edit” to begin the process.

17 Step 12 – part b Team Types – use only the following identifiers in the Types of Teams Accepted: Click only “recreational team” for recreational tournaments. Click all 3: “Classic”, “League”, and “Premier” for competitive tournaments. Click “select team” for ODP tournaments. In the “Other” box, type “Academy” for Academy tournaments Roster size: U6 = 8; U7-8 = 8; U9-10 = 12; U11-12 = 14; U12 (competitive) = 18 U13-16 = 18; U17-19 = 22.

18 Step 12 – part c Guest players not allowed in recreational tournaments. Tournament must determine the number of guest players allowed in competitive tournaments. Length of games (total minutes of playing time): U6 = 32; U7-8 = 40; U9-10 = 50; U11-12 = 60; U13-14 = 70; U15-16 = 800; U17-19 = 90 Ball size: U6-8 = 3; U9-12 = 4; U13-19 = 5 Awards: If U6 teams, enter Festival.

19 Step 12 – part d Minimum number of games: 3 is the normal response Entry fee: determined by hosting organization Bond: determined by hosting organization Before submitting this section of the application, refer to the printed copy of the Tournament Application Procedures for limits on roster size, guest players, guest players, etc. Please be accurate.

20 Step 13 Referee Assignor Enter the information on the USSF Registered Assignor for your tournament. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Please include an email address for the Assignor. Click Submit to continue.

21 Step 14 Director of Field Marshals Enter the information on the person who will be your Director of Field Marshals. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue.

22 Step 15 Director of Communications Enter the information on the person who will be your Director of Communications. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue

23 Step 16 Hosting Organization Enter the information on the Hosting Organization. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue.

24 Step 17 Tournament Headquarters Enter the information as to the location of your Tournament Headquarters. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. Click Submit to continue.

25 Step 18 Liability Insurance In the field “Insurance is issued by” type: Oklahoma Soccer Association

26 Step 19 Credentials Check A drop down field is provided offering the 3 choices: At registration At the field prior to each game by a field marshal At both sites Select the appropriate method for your tournament and Click Submit to continue.

27 Step 20 Provision of Adequate Tournament Communication Type in the manner in which your tournament will provide communication between tournament headquarters and the fields. Most hosts list one or more of the following: radio, and/or cell phone. Click Submit to continue.

28 Step 21 Use of USSF registered referees Type in the age groups in which your tournament will utilize the recommended 3-referee system. Example: U6-U19. Click Submit to continue.

29 Step 22 Finalize Hosting Agreement Print off the agreement, review the information presented and check the approval box. The text reads: By checking this box you certify that the information above is true and correct and that you have read and agree to follow the rules set by your governing State Association, US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, and FIFA. Click Submit to continue and complete your application.

30 Step 23 Information to OSA: Mail, fax, or email the current tournament rules (cannot be past years or “draft copies”), current team application/team invitation, and Child Find Procedures to OSA. OSA, PO Box 35174, Tulsa, OK 74153 Fax: 918-627-2693 Email: Include Child Find Procedures that are current (cannot be past years or “draft copies”).

31 Step 24 Tournament Application fees – check payable to OSA and mailed to OSA office. Credit card – contact OSA at 800-347-3590 Fee schedule (see procedure for complete information) Country only teams/tournament - $50 State tournaments for teams within Oklahoma - $50 National tournaments (teams invited out of state) - $75 International tournaments (teams outside USA) - $100 Applications received after due dates of preceding year must pay a $250 late fee in addition to the regular fee.

32 Congratulations! You should have a completed tournament application. Good luck and if you have questions, please feel free to contact OSA by Phone: 800-347-3590 Email: Thank you for your time and cooperation in this venture.

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