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PPP approach in The Netherlands & Importance of water Presentatie

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1 PPP approach in The Netherlands & Importance of water Presentatie
Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen My name is José Vogelezang, I work at Wageningen University and Research Center, but I also support one of the Dutch topsectors in their agenda on Reserach and Innovation. I will give you a brief insight in this new economic policy of The Netherlands and I will explain why we took the initiative for this workshop, together with ERIAFF. Topsector Horticulture & Starting materials Dr. Ir. José Vogelezang

2 39% of agricultural production is from horticulture
Almost 40% of our agricultural production comes from horticulture, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

3 Production value Production value Fruits & Vegetables Floriculture
Eur 2.6 billion Production value Floriculture Eur 5.3 billion The flower and plant sector in the Netherlands accounts for more than 5 billion euro’s in production value. The fruits and vegetable sector is somewhat lower but still more than 2,5 billion Euro’s

4 Value technical supply Horticulture Eur 2 billion
Import Eur 8.2 billion Value technical supply Horticulture Eur 2 billion Horticulture is not only primary production and trade of flowers and fruits and vegetables. It covers also a large industry of suppliers to the growers. This is growing industry which also earn their money increasingly abroad.

5 Greenports in the Netherlands
Greenport Noord- Holland Noord Greenport Duin en Bollenstreek Greenport Westland-Oostland Greenport Gelderland Greenport Boskoop There are seven areas in The Netherlands with high concentrations of different horticultural sectors. Each Greenport (name of Greenport is inspired on mainport, seaport) has its own governance structure where industry, research and local governent are working together to stimulate economic business. Greenport Venlo

6 On national level these Greenports join forces in Greenport Holland, together with national sector organisations.

7 9 Top sectors in the Netherlands
The Top Sectors policy aims to strengthen the position of nine economic sectors in which the Netherlands has a leading position internationally. It sets out an integrated policy for each sector. The key basic components of this integrated approach are: research and innovation, human capital, regulatory framework and the international dimension. A Top Team with representatives from the 'Triple Helix' has been established for each Top Sector. The Triple Helix refers to the relationship between the business community, knowledge institutions and government. The Horticulture & Starting Materials sector is one of the top sectors, thanks to its internationally operating and innovative businesses.

8 Growing and ageing world population
“World market leader in sustainable solutions for improved food security, food safety and happiness” World Challenges World Solutions World Leader “More with Less” ENERGY Growing and ageing world population Climate change Economic inequality Urbanisation #1 Added value #1 Knowledge and innovation # 1-2 Market share export #1 Productivity FOOD HEALTH HAPPINESS SPACE WATER Our goal is to be the global market leader in 2020 as a source of sustainable solutions to societal challenges. “More with less”. MINERALS & CROP PROTECTION

9 PPP: Private Public Partnerships in innovation programmes and projects
IPM Glastuinbouw waterproof Other projects More with less Energy & CO2 GreenCHAINge Better plants 4 new demands HCA en Int. New cultivation systems outdoor TNO Horticulture Microbiology food crops Better plants 4 new demands Food safety and Food security Other projects Phytosanitary HCA en Int. Various projects Better plants 4 new demands Health and well being The basic principle of the Top Sector Policy is Public Private Partnership. These programmes and projects are obtained by bottom-up calls for proposals. Several programma’s are focussing on Water and nutrient management. HCA en Int. Horticulture Digitaal Collaborating value chains Market Intelligence Horticulture Better plants 4 new demands Other projects HCA en Int.

10 Water issues for Horticulture in the Netherlands
15/04/2017 Water issues for Horticulture in the Netherlands Water quality issues Caused by horticulture: nutrients and pesticides Surface and groundwater Water quantity issues Due to drought and climate change Water demand agriculture/horticulture Dutch growers face serious water and nutrient use restrictions due to emission legislation, and are working towards a zero emission in Tools and strategies are developed to improve existing cropping systems, but also innovative cropping systems are being developed such as soilless cultivation of traditionally soil-grown crops.

11 15/04/2017 Workshop: Regional cooperation for innovation on water management in horticulture Aim: Facilitate uptake of measures under the Rural development in the new programming period Use opportunities offered by the EIP Agri / H2020 > setting priorities for innovation > connecting stakeholders around project ideas > bringing together research and practice In The Netherlands water issues are related mostly to water quality, but in the EU more emphasis has been laid on water quantity (and decreased dependence on nutrients). However, innovative solutions for water quality and emission issues are too a large extent also solutions for water quantity issues. Therefore we took the initiative to organize a EU workshop on Water management in horticulture, together with ERIAFF and WIRE to set the agenda and to give a boost to project development in Europe.

12 15/04/2017 Workshop: Regional cooperation for innovation on water management in horticulture Focus: Outdoor and protected cultivation Vegetables Fruits Ornamentals Bulbs Tree nursery crops Viticulture Olives All horticultural sectors are included: outdoor and protected cultivation. Vegetables (including mushrooms), fruit crops, ornamentals, bulbs, tree nursery crops, grapes, olives.

13 15/04/2017 Workshop: Regional cooperation for innovation on water management in horticulture Four Challenges to be discussed: Substainable, water an nutrient efficient cropping systems Decision support systems and application techniques for efficient irrigation and fertilization Strategies and tools to reduce the environmental impact of Plant Protection Products and nutrients on surface and ground water Strategies and tools for sustainable soil and substrate management As invitees from different EU regions, respresenting industry, academia or governmental bodies, you have chosen the most important challenges to be discussed. I hope that we have a fruitfull workshop today, leading to new coalitions and joint activities.

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