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Powered by SIS Technology. Debt collection challenges Increase your collections Decrease your costs Optimize your time Secure your data Organize your.

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1 Powered by SIS Technology

2 Debt collection challenges Increase your collections Decrease your costs Optimize your time Secure your data Organize your workflow Control external agents Receive accurate reports Increase accountability and responsibility

3 Go to Argus Legis stands for innovation and professional consulting Argus is cutting the costs of cash collecting Increases cash collection Full legal dunning management and transparency Streamlining of all workflows and web based access Reduces effort for routine processes Security and Control

4 ARGUS FUNCTIONALITIES all participants work on a single client-hosted platform Account management: accounting oriented to: -Initial balance -Current balance -Total balance -Costs and contingent costs Real time debt calculation -Automatic interest calculation -Automatic payment of costs -Import of payments by debtors -Debt payment break (costs, interest, principle) Debt Corrections and chronology Multi currencies Unlimited number of accounts

5 File management: -Automatic creation of files for courts, bailiffs and etc. -Unlimited samples of files and customized files -Upload of PDF files – legal docs, payment orders, debtor related docs Creation of electronic case files Supports unlimited number of generated or uploaded files Track of statuses and history Over 100 statuses Multi languages ARGUS FUNCTIONALITIES all participants work with unified data and files

6 ARGUS FUNCTIONALITIES all participants work with access defined and controlled by the creditor Partner communication and management: -Web based access of external agents -Control via statuses -Automatic alert color system -Control via reports Insert of costs Deadlines for payments of costs Export to on-line banking Intelligent case assignment Access of external agents is limited to assigned cases only Unlimited number of external agents

7 ARGUS FUNCTIONALITIES process management Overall work management: -Tasks (To Do) -All cases are grouped in specific tasks according to their status and need of routine actions: Payments of costs, Checks in court, Submission of documents to court, Submission of cases to bailiff etc. -Tasks could be customized by the client Deadlines for payments of costs Deadlines for submission of documents Completes the whole process: -from delay to full debt collection -from creditor to bailiff

8 ARGUS REPORTS AND ANALISYS available on-line by the click of a button Detailed and summary reports Customized reports Export to Word, MsExcel Export to master records, CRM  Accountability and transparency  Control over lawyers and bailiffs  Intelligent case assignment  Reporting to regulators  Reporting to top management

9 ARGUS REPORTS AND ANALISYS meets fully accountancy requirements Detailed reports on individual payments: payment break: costs, interest and principle Automatic calculation of current balance after payment of cost and debt Monthly reports for accountancy needs Reports on daily and monthly interests Accountancy operations for debt corrections & control over changes Accountancy operations for account closing upon full payment of the total debt Reporting to auditors

10 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Concerns Integration Installation and data migration Data Security Access control Control of data changes Maintenance, update, bugs removal, questions Access to development team Discontinue of Argus use Solutions Integrates with all software Full assistance and consultancy Client-hosted installation Customized, client-controlled access Recording of all data changes Update, bugs removal, maintenance, development and consultancy Direct access to development team Static data storage on client server

11 Import checked data Data import from other systems in Argus Security, Control, Accountability & Consultancy Data export from Argus to other systems Argus Operations Debt Collection Process Export checked data Initial installation and migration of cases Ongoing import and export from other systems External systems connectivity via XML interface

12 CLIENTS Credit Institutions Payment Institutions Financial Institutions Leasing Companies Insurance Companies Utilities Companies Mobile Operators Debt collectors Law Firms Bailiffs  Highly regulated by laws and regulatory bodies such as national bank, Central Credit Register, Commissions for financial supervision, etc.  Having strict internal regulations and control policies  Subjects to audit

13 INTERNAL DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Price and additional costs? Competitive price No need of investment in additional software or hardware Statistics show that ROI is about 6-12 months Is Argus suitable for my organization and work process? Demo installation period Education sessions at minimum price upon request Option for customization in Argus Option for customization by SIS Technology What if there are problems after installation? Assistance, support and consultancy by SIS Technology Computer World ranks SIS Technology as Number 2 in IT services market in Bulgaria We start servicing you after installation

14 Decrease costs Increase collection 10% 20% 35% 90% Reduced number of disputed claims Improved collection Cost reduction Efficiency,Organization,Reporting ARGUS BENEFITS CASE STUDY

15 MINIMIZING RISKS In 90% of the cases the clients do not make investments in additional hardware No heavy installations: client-hosted, web based access The import of the data can be implemented on stages Demo versions, education sessions, remote support Direct connection to the development team Post-development possible Argus is developed under ISO 9001:2008 Argus is already successfully installed and operating

16 ARGUS UNIQUE FEATURES Adapted to Bulgarian legislation Single working platform for all groups involved Unlimited number of templates and statuses Debt corrections, chronology, alert sistem 1 2 3 4 Direct access to development team 5

17 Argus Legis Version 2.10/2011 Copyright of SIS Technology Ratcheva & Savcheva Law Firm EU-BG Legal Consultants SIS Technology Argus Synergy Team

18 Thank You! All data on Argus print screens have been modified for protection of personal data purposes All rights reserved by SIS Technology

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