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Christopher Cooney International Liaison Officer Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency December 2012.

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1 Christopher Cooney International Liaison Officer Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency December 2012

2 HISTORY Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency (SDEA) was formally established 1 st April 2001 In May 2006 the Agency adopted the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) name. This better reflects a commitment to tackling serious organised crime in all its forms. The Agency will cease to exist in it current form on 31st March 2013 when it is subsumed into “Police Scotland.”

3 SCDEA Vision, Mission, Organisational Values and Strategic Priorities Our Vision -To Protect Scotland's communities from serious organised crime Our Mission - Working every day for the people of Scotland dismantling serious organised crime Our Organisational Values - Trust, Commitment and Respect Strategic Priorities – as set by Scottish Ministers

4 What we do - Our police officers and support staff contribute to the fight against organised crime in a number of areas, including: Operations - Our operations team strives to bring to justice those involved in serious organised crime by arresting individuals, seizing drugs and identifying cash and assets for restraint. Intelligence - Gathering relevant and robust intelligence provides a picture of the most serious criminals and the scope of their illegal activity, which informs the nature of our responses. Interventions - The Interventions Unit works with law enforcement agencies and the public, private and voluntary sectors to create innovative techniques to reduce opportunities for organised crime. Scottish Money Laundering Unit - The Scottish Money Laundering Unit (SMLU) conducts money laundering investigations and identifies the assets of criminals for potential confiscation by the courts. Scottish Witness Liaison Unit - Witnesses involved in the criminal justice system can be the subject of intense intimidation. The Scottish Witness Liaison Unit (SWLU) provides support to these witnesses to ensure they are able to provide their evidence to the court. e-Crime - Reflecting the growth of communication technology, the e-crime unit tackles the hi-tech criminal, who facilitates activity through the use of computers and other information technology.


6 DIVERT Young people better informed about drugs Increased public awareness of serious organised criminals being apprehended, punished and having criminal assets seized Consumers better informed about the ethics of buying illicit drugs or counterfeit goods

7 DISRUPT Effective and co-ordinated enforcement activity across Scottish policing that results in increased seizure and confiscation of profits gained from criminal activity ‘Specialists’ – lawyers and accountants –are less willing and able to provide advice and assistance to serious organised crime groups thereby reducing their access to these vital areas of business expertise to support criminal activity

8 DETER Raised awareness of the impact of serious organised crime in the public sector Businesses and local authorities less vulnerable to serious organised criminal activity and in doing so making Scotland a more place for serious organised crime groups to operate Enhanced intelligence on serious organised crime group activity

9 DETECT Improved coordination and analysis of information and intelligence that will boost SCDEA capacity and drive action against serious organised crime groups An enhanced picture of the activities of serious organised crime groups to effectively priorities and target enforcement activities

10 International Liaison Officer International Enquiry Forms INTELLIGENCE International Letter of Request EVIDENCE

11 International Liaison Officer International Letters of Request Crown Office process “Letter of Request” through appropriate Legal Channels

12 ARTICLE 40 SCHENGEN- cross border surveillance The UK has signed up to Article 40 of the Schengen Agreement which deals with cross border surveillance. By so doing the UK has agreed to co-operate with other member states in respect of surveillance operations that cross national borders. Article 40 is for the continuance of surveillance only. This effectively means that as a minimum the target must be under surveillance to the port of exit. Not surprisingly, Spain and the Netherlands are Scotland’s most frequent Article 40 partners


14 Analysis Work Files The Analysis Work File (AWF) is an instrument unique to Europol. It is the means by which Europol provides support to investigations being carried out in member states. As such, AWF support is often closely linked with a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). The Europol support consists of intelligence analysis, expert advice and assistance. It can be provided remotely from the Europol premises, or in the field. The principle of the AWF is relatively simple. Investigations being carried out in different national jurisdictions often show significant linkages between them. This is due to the common involvement of international criminal structures in cross-border crime. These national investigations produce information which is supplied via secure communication channels to the Europol Analysis Unit. This information is centralised and processed within the Europol Analysis System. This is a secure system, accessible only to the analysts who work on the AWF. The analysts initially look for simple cross-matches within the data. Subsequently, more detailed analysis will be performed in line with the objectives of the AWF, and the main targets of the investigations. The aim of all analysis is to provide direction to investigators to assist the progress of their investigations, following new leads and filling intelligence gaps. Accordingly, a circular flow of data is created such that the AWF and the investigations feed each other with new information. In this way, the AWF acts as the central point allowing national investigations to benefit from information obtained in other jurisdictions. The overall aim of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the competent authorities of the member states is thus achieved.



17 CONTACT NUMBERS Christopher Cooney International Liaison Officer Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency Osprey House, Inchinnan Road, Paisley, PA3 2RE Office. 0141 302 1047 Fax. 0141 302 1018 Mobile. 07990804727 email.

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