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2 OUTLINE OF TODAY’S REPORT Rumor Control Impact of Performance Funding on UNCP's Budget Responding to Performance Funding Academics: The BOG Focus on UNC Budget Reduction Shared Governance Current Status of UNCP’s Budget Reduction Plan Future Steps: Communication Plan 2

3 RUMORS Closing UNCP? 3

4 UNC SYSTEM PERFORMANCE FUNDING AND IMPACT ON UNCP “Retention and graduation rates of each campus have been reviewed to determine those campuses that are eligible to increase the size of their freshman class. Under this methodology, UNC Pembroke is not allowed to project growth in its freshman class beyond currently budgeted levels.” Staff Report to BOG, January 13, 2011 4

5 UNCP’S PERFORMANCE Fall to Fall Freshman Retention Rate—Lowest in System Six Year Graduation Rates— Second Lowest in the System *See Handouts 5

6 UNCP’S RESPONSE Retention Task Force Recommendations New Staff in Student Services (Student Support of Tuition increase) Revision of Good Academic Standing Policy 6

7 UNCP GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING CreditsGPA 1- 29 1.5 30-591.75 60-891.875 90 +2.00

8 UNCP GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING Action: The Provost will develop and present to the Faculty Senate for its review a new academic standing policy that raises expectations and manages academic probation and suspension more in line with expectations of the UNC System. The policy must go into effect Fall, 2011. 8

9 ACADEMICS: THE FOCUS OF THE BOG REDUCTIONS Legislative Interest President Ross’ Commission on Duplication 9

10 UNCP’S RESPONSE Academic Program Analysis *See Handout 10

11 SHARED GOVERNANCE “We must be aligned as we address these very difficult issues. Faculty and Administration must trust one another and understand the responsibilities and authority of each in governing.” 11

12 FACULTY HANDBOOK Issues Mixture of materials: o Policy o Information o Procedure Jurisdiction Unclear Procedures to add, edit or delete materials unspecified Out of date: e.g. authority on tenure 12

13 FACULTY HANDBOOK Action: The Provost will convene a committee of 2-4 Faculty Senate representatives chosen by the Senate, Legal Counsel, and Director of Human Resources to make recommendations to the Chancellor on the Faculty Handbook including but not limited to (1) its content and organization, (2) administrative oversight and (3) procedures for addition, deletion and modification. Due end of spring semester. 13

14 CURRENT BUDGET PLANNING Concurrent Work: University Advisory committee Executive Staff 14

15 State Appropriation $58,996,283.00 Preliminary Budget Reductions Reduction Summary10%15% Targets $ 5,899,628.30 $ 8,849,442.45 Applied to Target $ 4,504,048.40 EG Institutional Support $ 1,500,000.00 Amount Remaining $ 1,395,579.90 $ 3,237,024.45 Reductions Dollars Applicable to Reduction Reductions Still Available from FY 11 Plan $2,156,122.00 Unallocated Faculty Lines $ 1,300,000.00 Amendments to FY 11 Reduction Plan?? Tuition Increase @ $218 $ 1,546,928.00 Tuition Set Aside for Financial Aid @ 20% $ (309,385.60) CITI Tuition Increase @ $172 $ 1,220,512.00 Tuition Set Aside for Financial Aid $ (305,128.00) Positions Authorized Fall $ (630,500.00) Second Round: Positions Authorized Late Fall/Spring $ (474,500.00) Enrollment Growth for FY 2012 (1,987,969) ? Applied Toward Reduction $ 4,504,048.40 Funds Held By Chancellor $ 1,823,034.00 Applied to 15% $ 1,500,000.00 Balance $ 323,034.00 15

16 REMAINING STEPS IN BUDGET PROCESS Merge Work of University Advisory committee with Executive Staff Review Plan with Campus Make Adjustments as Needed Final Plan Disseminated to Campus no later than March 31 16

17 FUTURE STEPS: COMMUNICATION Updates to Campus Email Town hall Meetings Updates and Discussion with Senate and Staff Council Role of Provost, Deans, Chairs 17

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