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Harassment, Bullying and Violence Prevention Training Student Session.

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1 Harassment, Bullying and Violence Prevention Training Student Session

2 Today’s Objectives: Define the different forms of harassment (sexual, bullying, violence). Prevent harassment by developing a clear understanding of what it is and how it impacts people. Explore the responsibility of each employee to help maintain an environment free from harassment, by being aware of behaviors that can offend others and by clearly communicating that offensive behavior must stop. Clarify the policy of zero tolerance for any type of harassment. Promote Respect & Value for one another. Understand the Laws: Title VII Civil Rights, Title IX Education Amend.


4 Harassment Quiz How Much Do You Know?

5 What is ONE word to describe Sexual Harassment? Harassment and Violence Prevention

6 POWER Harassment and Workplace Violence Prevention

7 Why Victims Don’t Speak Out: Fear of: Loss of Academic Opportunities The “Rumor Mill” Not Being Believed Of Being “Wrong” Rejection Embarrassment Retaliation Being Accused of Not Having a Sense of Humor Being Labeled: Trouble Maker Feminist Overly Sensitive Mentally Unstable Tattletale

8 EEOC Definition : Unwelcome sexual advances. Requests for sexual favors. Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature connected to decisions about academics. An intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Sexual Harassment

9 Two Kinds of Sexual Harassment: Quid Pro Quo: “This for That” Hostile Environment

10 Definition: Decisions or expectations based on a person’s willingness to grant or deny sexual favors. Quid Pro Quo

11 Examples of Quid Pro Quo: Demanding sexual favors in exchange for a good grade, assignment, reference. Disciplining or negatively impacting a student who ends a romantic relationship. Changing performance expectations after a student refuses repeated requests for a date. Quid Pro Quo: This for that. You do this for me and I’ll do that for you.

12 Definition: Verbal or Non Verbal behaviors that... Focus on the sexuality of another person or his/her gender. Sexual Harassment Are unwanted or unwelcome. SH & Harassment Severe or pervasive enough to affect the person’s work performance and/or environment. SH & H Hostile Environment

13 Examples of Hostile Environment: Offensive Conduct Offensive Behavior Offensive Language Offensive Graphics Dating & Relationships Hostile Environment: Hostile Intimidating Offensive

14 Important Facts about Sexual Harassment: Generally occurs when there is a disparity of power – or perceived disparity of power. Does not have to be intentional. Is offensive is in the “eye of the beholder.” “Reasonable Person Interpretation.” Men can be sexually harassed. Men can harass men; women can harass women. Harassment does not have to be directed at a particular individual in Hostile Environment. Offenders can be faculty, students, patients, employees, vendors.

15 REMEMBER.... A situation must be both OFFENSIVE and SEXUAL to be sexual harassment.


17 BULLYING: Bullying may be direct, such as severe verbal abuse, or indirect, such as spreading rumors or lies. Cyber bullying is just as serious. Internet or cyber bullying might include sharing inappropriate pictures of someone, posing as someone else to spread rumors or lies, or sending harassing messages and abusive emails Social Media: using social media (i.e., Facebook) to bully others at work (even if not written on workplace property) is considered bullying!

18 Some Signs of Bullying: Being left out from social events A person storming out of the area when you enter Being given the “silent treatment” Not being given the praise you thought you deserved Being treated rudely or disrespectfully Others responding slowly to requests that were important to you Being yelled or shouted at Receiving put-downs about your intelligence or competence Your telephone calls, contributions, or other communications are ignored Someone interferes with or sabotages your work Being the recipient of mean pranks, cyberbullying, tweets, etc.

19 In Your Role, Always Remember To: Repeated inappropriate or bullying behavior to a faculty member, Students Affairs, or the Human Resources Department. Promptly Report

20 CAMPUS VIOLENCE Violence or the threat of violence against a student. It can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide. Campus violence is a growing concern for institutions nationwide. Report concerns to Student Affairs, Human Resources or Security Report incidents of violence or assault to Security for Immediate Assistance 594-4226.

21 RED FLAGS OF VIOLENCE FOR AWARENESS AND ACTION *Obsession with or discussion of weapons *Intimidating or instilling fear in others *Making direct or veiled threats *Showing little involvement with other students *Displaying unwanted romantic interest in a student *Exhibiting paranoid behavior *Being unacceptable of criticism and holding a grudge *Having recent serious family, financial, social, legal issues *Testing the limits of unacceptable behavior *Retaliation by student s who feel they have been bullied

22 Harassment Quiz The Answers

23 . NYMC Policy Against Harassment / Sexual Harassment

24 . Session Sign Off Questions/Comments

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