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Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT)

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1 Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT)
Kenneth Ned Mitchell, PhD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center Coastal and Hydraulics Lab Vicksburg, Miss. Federal Highway Administration Talking Freight seminar November 16th, 2011 US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG®

2 Public Awareness Challenges
Corps invests hundreds of millions of dollars annually in maintenance of our hidden national waterway infrastructure. National dependence upon this vital infrastructure has not translated into full public awareness. ERDC-CHL

3 CPT Background The USACE Navigation Mission: to provide safe, reliable, and efficient waterborne transportation systems (channels, harbors, and waterways) for the movement of commerce, National security needs, and recreation. Frittelli, J., HMTF Expenditures, Congressional Research Service, Jan 2011 ERDC-CHL

4 CPT Background CPT is a web-based decision-support tool which helps convey the importance of Corps dredging activity to the efficient movement of maritime commerce. Corps-only version: Public version: TBD, coming soon Started in late FY2008, with two primary objectives: Provide consistent, objective prioritization of Corps Operations and Maintenance (O&M) dredging activities for allocation of Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) outlays Provide Corps personnel with improved access to and understanding of the data provided by the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC) ERDC-CHL

5 Deep-draft Navigation O&M
350+ HMTF-eligible navigation projects are actively maintained Wide variation in project spatial extent and level of use USACE is historically a decentralized organization… USACE District boundaries ERDC-CHL

6 Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT)

7 Waterborne Commerce Data
The Corps’ Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC) collects and collates data from several sources concerning commercial use of US waterways. Dock-level, origin-to-destination routing (Corps-use-only) Includes tons, commodity types, vessel counts, drafts Aggregated data already published at project level Corps planning community has used WCSC data to support harbor deepening projects and inland studies Corps Operations community has not consistently used this data beyond project-level tonnage and ton-mile metrics for O&M budget development. ERDC-CHL

8 Spatial Join to Waterway Network
CPT spatially joins the docks in the WCSC database with the respective sub-reaches. Full network connectivity, ensuring that all transited channels are appropriately credited. Shortest-path routing used for domestic and inland river traffic transiting multiple projects. ERDC-CHL

9 Depth Utilization Analysis
CPT can generate depth-utilization profiles showing the distribution of cargo across the range of maintained depths for any system of navigation channels. CPT then compares these tonnage-draft profiles to the segment controlling depths resulting from present shoaling conditions. ERDC-CHL

10 Focus on Shoal-vulnerable Cargo

11 Navigation Systems Defined
CPT provides a flexible, accessible means of defining systems of maintained channels. Corps decision makers can now see the extent to which these navigation systems are utilized by commercial shipping. ERDC-CHL

12 Visualizing Project Utilization

13 Regional Summaries ERDC-CHL

14 Visualizing Commodity Flows

15 Visualizing Commodity Flows
Lower Miss. River Outbound petroleum, 2009

16 Understanding Navigation Systems
Lower Miss. River Inbound corn, 2009 Corps O&M activities must be coordinated in order to realize system-level efficiencies and maximize benefits to the Nation.

17 Visualizing Commodity Flows

18 Navigation Systems R&D
Budget ceilings Domestic traffic, drafting at least 27 ft, Dredging Costs $ 10 M $ 20 M $ 30M $ 40 M $ 50 M Duluth-Superior $ 6.0 M 1 Indiana Harbor $ 12.5 M Two Harbors_MN $ 212 k St. Clair River $ 17 M Detroit $ 7.5 M Presque_Isle_MI $ 1.5 M Burns Harbor $ 2.5 M Conneaut Cleveland $ 9.0 M Ashtabula Restored Tonnage 39.2 M 63.8M 90.3 M 107.9 M 130.9 M ERDC-CHL

19 Navigation Systems R&D
Disruptions due to 5-ft shoaling Great Lakes coal and iron ore Miss and Columbia Rivers grain exports Coal terminals; e.g. Mobile, Norfolk Tons per vessel vs. draft ERDC-CHL

20 Navigation Systems Analysis
The Waterborne Commerce data via the CPT gives the Corps a straightforward O&M budget formulation capability and allows for more advanced navigation systems analysis. These efforts are drawing interest from other Federal agencies (e.g. CMTS) as well as the Transportation Research Board (TRB). ERDC-CHL

21 Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT)
Questions? Dr. Ned Mitchell US Army Engineer Research & Development Center Coastal and Hydraulics Lab Vicksburg, Miss. ERDC-CHL

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