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The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus School of Computer Science Faculty of Science.

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1 The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus School of Computer Science Faculty of Science

2 Induction Programme Welcome & Introductions Courses & Modules Grading & Progression Award Classification Assessment Policies Plagiarism Student Support & Resources Recommendations

3 Courses & Modules Courses –G400, GN42, G425, G601 (UG); G402, G507, G565 (PG) –3-years BSc Honours, 120 credits/year (UG) –1 full year MSc, 180 credits (PG) –Ordinary Degrees, 100 credits/year (UG) –Postgraduate Diploma, 120 credits –All descriptions of course structures available at: Modules –CS modules (G5Lxxx), e.g. G51PRG; G6Lxxx, e.g. G64DBS –Most modules worth 10 credits each (with minor exceptions) –Compulsory and optional modules –Compensatable and non-compensatable –Pre or co-requisites requirements –Range of module activities (lectures, labs, tutorials, courseworks & examinations) found in individual course web site OR at:

4 Enrolment/Registration of Modules Module Entry Form –Attend lectures according to given timetables and understand module contents –Selection of modules based on interests and balancing of workloads – 60 credits/semester normally –Must be vetted and approved by assigned personal tutor

5 Grading & Progression Grading –Pass (≥40[UG]; ≥50[PG]); Distinction (≥70[UG & PG]) –Fails: Hard (<30[UG]; <40[PG]) ; Soft (≥30[UG]; ≥40[PG]) Progression –Using arithmetic mean, decision based on flow chart at: qmdocuments/ug-regs-flow-chart.pdf [UG]; and qmdocuments/pgtregsflowchart.docx [PG] qmdocuments/ug-regs-flow-chart.pdf qmdocuments/pgtregsflowchart.docx

6 Award Classification Degree Classes –Based on weighted numerical averages –UG weightage: 40% for year 2 and 60% for year 3 1 st (≥70), 2 nd Upper (≥60), 2 nd Lower (≥50), 3 rd (≥40) borderlines (68, 59, 49 & 39) <40 will be considered for PASS or ORDINARY degree –PG pass with distinction (≥70) borderlines (≥68 with at least 80 credits ≥70) pass with merit (≥60) borderlines (≥59 with at least 80 credits ≥70) <50 will be considered for postgraduate DIPLOMA degree

7 Assessment Policies Courseworks –Penalty of 5% per normal working day for late submission Resits –A right to one re-assessment in each failed module –Re-assessment marks used for progression purposes only

8 Plagiarism The following actions are considered to be plagiarism (list not exhaustive): –copying paragraphs or programs from a textbook or web page (or anywhere else); –copying another person’s work either with or without their knowledge; –working together in groups of two or more to produce a single program or essay and then each member of the group submitting a copy of this as their own work; –getting someone else to do some or all of the work and then submitting it as your own work (whether you pay them or not)

9 Study Support and Resources Tutors Open Door Policy University Counseling Service Student Staff Feedback Committee SET/SEM Disability Support Careers Advisory Service

10 Problems, Issues & Suggestions Changing Course –Must be done early –Talk to your course director Illness & Other Issues –Let your tutor and module convenor know –Discuss with trained counsellor –File written notice with evidence to the School Coursework and Examination Feedback

11 Week 1 & 2 –Complete registration and familiarise with University’s services –Attend all compulsory and elective modules before deciding on final selections –Meet the tutors and set up schedules for individual tutorials –Digest the information at the Information to Students’ page at: Semester Time –Attend lectures regularly –Behave responsibly, and lastly –Enjoy yourself ! Recommendations

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