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POLLUTION ITAER Varese. What is pollution? Pollution is the contamination of air, water and earth with substances and materials harmful to the environment.

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2 What is pollution? Pollution is the contamination of air, water and earth with substances and materials harmful to the environment and human health. There are different types of pollution; the most important are: noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and thermal pollution.

3 Our pollution In our area there are many sources of pollution, in fact we are in an industrial area and we are close to Milan, in which there is always a lot of traffic and we are also close to Milan Malpensa and Linate airport.

4 Milan’s airport Malpensa Linate

5 Airport pollution Airport pollution is due to: arrivals (approach, taxi) departures (taxi out, take off, climb out)

6 Malpensa Aircraft Malpensa's aircraft are responsible for: 14.3% of carbon dioxide emissions 10% of emissions of nitrogen oxides 7.7% of hydrocarbon emissions 5% of the emissions of carbon monoxide

7 Other pollutants of Malpensa At malpensa during the day there are other pollutants, and they are: parking, central heating, central technology, ground support and refueling. The percentages of these factors pollutants are: 15.6% of carbon dioxide emissions 13.6% of the emissions of nitrogen oxides 8.8% of hydrocarbon emissions 7.4% of the emissions of carbon monoxide

8 Varese’s Traffic

9 Pollution from traffic There are different tipe of veichle, who pullate in different mode and they are: MOPEDS: emissions from mopeds are very rich in CO, HC and NOx benzene while the content is negligible. Due to the flow of fumes relatively low, the amount of these pollutants emitted by every single moped decrease significantly compared to other types of vehicles. Remain the highest for HC and benzene. Characteristic of these vehicles is the substantial emission of oil. AUTO PETROL: The emissions from petrol cars uncatalyzed are rich in CO, HC, NOx and benzene. Even the emitted quantities of pollutants such retain a high value compared to other types of vehicles especially for CO, HC and benzene. In the case of supply with petrol "super" it has also emission of lead compounds.

10 Pollution from traffic AUTO LPG: Emissions from cars to LPG uncatalyzed appear the same level as those from gasoline cars uncatalyzed CO and NOx significantly lower level. High in absolute terms but in terms of health are negligible emissions of HC. Benzene and lead are absent. AUTO METHANE: Emissions from cars to natural gas are much lower for non-catalyzed CO and significantly lower NOx than those from other cars uncatalyzed, HC are higher but not significant in terms of health. Benzene and lead are absent. DIESEL AUTO: With regard to the total emissions from diesel powered fleet, the HC and CO appear negligible insignificant. Are very high NOx emissions in terms of mass per vehicle, engine size medium and high, given the scale smoke significantly more than the car engines with spark ignition. Benzene and lead are mostly absent while the engines are of medium size and high emission of black smoke.

11 Every year to solve the problem of pollution in biggest cities are organized anti-pollution days, closing major roads to traffic. From first January 2013 Varese has joined an anti- pollution program consists of four Sundays that only authorized vehicles can circulate in areas of the city

12 Varese lake The rate of pollution of Varese lake is very high, due to the industries that discharge polluting liquids and for this reason is prohibited bathing. But in recent years the problem is declining due to more stringent regulations relating to anti-pollution.

13 Milan’s pollution is the causes about 550 dead every year.

14 199520002005 2010 2012 Auto petrol181,9176,4170,1160,6158,9 Diesel auto185,1174,4163,2153,1151,3 CO 2 emissions from vehicles expressed in gCO 2 / km In the table we can see that with the renewal of vehicles in recent years has decreased the emission of CO 2

15 Atmosphere Pollution in PROVINCE OF VARESE In province of Varese air pollution, which integrates emissions and discharges, has formed a distinction between three areas: Critical areas. Areas of improvement. Areas of maintenance. In the province of Varese there is also a clean zone A (most polluted area) and a clean zone type B (area for ozone pollution). Specifically, in the province of Varese are two most critical areas identified: A critical area of ​​ 247,796 inhabitants reside here in supra- The territory of Italy where they live 82,282 people.


17 The emission in the Province Of Varese SO 2 Sulfur dioxide NO X Oxid e COV Volatile organic compound s CH 4 Metan CO Carbon monoxid e CO 2 Carbon dioxide N 2 O Nitrous oxide NH 3 Ammonia PM 10 Fine Industrial combustion 2,2674,92 3 224964,9111,66888064 Use of solvents 0.0016,795////2/ Road transport 1997,28 1 5,84721835,9351,338126189550 Waste disposal 17129132,42 2 512814/3 Farming/811,7944/1218750

18 Our dream is a world environmental cleanest. We hope that next year something has changed. That we do not find ourselves saying the same things, to respond late to a known problem, that affects our health and quality of life.

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