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Current ıssues ın ınternatıonal relatıons. NUCLEAR ENERGY AND NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION OF IRAN.

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1 Current ıssues ın ınternatıonal relatıons


3 Currently, Iran has been an important subject of international relations. Iran is progressing on the way of being super power in global energy market.Competition between Asian and European countries which have lack of energy resources,has been increased due to Iran’s sells out of its energy resources. This situation gives the advantages to Iran against other countries which wants to insulate Iran in international areas.

4 Iran has got a very important geopolitics in the Middle East. There are Armenia, Turkmenista and Azerbaijan on the north of Iran. On the east of Iran, there are Afghanistan and Pakistan. On the west of Iran, there are Turkey and Iraq. Besides, Iran is the neighbor of Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf which the richest energy areas.

5 Iran is the second country in the world after Russia to belong natural gas reserves. Iran has got 1045 trillion cubic meter natural gas reserve. But, Iran’s technology is not enough to improve natural gas producing. Iran’s natural gas’ lifetime is 330 years, conjecturally. Iran’s natural gas producing was 4.1 trillion cubic meter, and consumption was 4.2 trillion cubic meter in 2008. Therefore, we cannot say Iran’s have got continued and balanced natural gas power. Although Iran has got 16 percent of world natural reserves, it still buy the natural gas from Turkmenistan.

6 Iran has got the seven percent of world mineral sources. Besides, Iran has got ten percent of world petrol reserves, and sixteen percent of world natural gas reserves. Iran is the 10th country of world to petrol production. As a result of these situations, Iran’s saving from petrol exportation for one year is 50 million dollars. According to datas of consumption rate in 2005, Iran’s petrol reserves’ lifetime is 30 years. With these datas, Iran is one of the most important ten petrol producers. We can show that on this table : SAUDİ ARABIA259.9 CANADA175.2 IRAN137.6 IRAQ115 KUWAIT104.5 VENEZUELA99.4 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES97.8 RUSIA60 LIBYA44.3 NIGERIA37.2

7 Iran has been the biggest exporter of crude oil with exportation of crude oil to Japan, China, India, South Korea and another countries. Iran’s crude oil exportation in 2006 was 2.5 million barrels in one day and saving was 54 billion dollars. We can show that on the table : COUNTRIES’ NAMEMILLION BARREL JAPAN480 CHINA430 INDIA410 SOUTH KOREA210 ITALY160 SPAIN130 FRANCE100 SOUTH AFRİCA90 HOLLAND90 GREECE80 ANOTHER380

8 With these features, Iran is also on the agenda, but we will focus on only Iran’s nuclear energy resources. We guess that Iran will always continue to be on the agenda with its nuclear energy and underground resources. Therefore, Iran has a big position in international relations.


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