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PowerPoint Project 1 My Hobbies

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1 PowerPoint Project 1 My Hobbies
Created By Christopher Sloan Computer Literacy Period 3

2 Golf Golf is my favorite hobby because I was born with the natural talent. I’ve been playing golf since I was five years old. So far I have won two golf tournaments, placed second four times, and got third once.

3 Soccer I like soccer because it is a healthy sport and
when you score a goal it gives you a good feeling.

4 Chess I started playing chess just last year.
I’ve been in one tournament and lost in the third round. I got started with chess when I heard a tournament was going on and I wanted to be in it.

5 Checkers I started playing checkers at age eight.
I’ve never been in any checkers tournaments, but I hope to be sometime in the near future. I like checkers because it is a game of strategy.

6 Video Games My favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
I have a PS2, Game cube, PS1, and Super Nintendo. Video games give me something to do when I finish my homework.

7 Watching T.V. My favorite TV show to watch is Mail Call on the History Channel. On the show you learn about history from wars and conflicts.

8 Drag Racing I grew up around drag racing. I like it because it's fast
and furious.

9 Basketball I started playing basketball when I was seven years old.
In fourth grade, I was on a basketball team at the YMCA. I like basketball because it takes a lot of talent to play.

10 Baseball Baseball is a cool sport because you get to hit homeruns.
I played in a league when I was eight and nine.

11 Football My cousin and I watch Monday Night Football all the time.
It’s a tradition on Thanksgiving in my house to watch football. My favorite player is Brett Favre.

12 Hope You Enjoyed My Show
The End Hope You Enjoyed My Show

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