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1 Version 1.0 D-Link HQ, July 2010 Sales Guide of DCS-6510 D-Link Confidential Day & Night Vandal-Proof Fixed Dome Network Camera.

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1 1 Version 1.0 D-Link HQ, July 2010 Sales Guide of DCS-6510 D-Link Confidential Day & Night Vandal-Proof Fixed Dome Network Camera

2 2 o Contents  Product Competition Overview Positioning Highlights Selling Point Technology Briefing Target Market  Product Roadmap  Product Application Guide Optional Accessories  Competitive & Comparative Analysis Competitors Analysis Key Comparison

3 3  Excellent image quality DCS-6510 is equipped with high performance low light CMOS sensor and features 20M IR LED and ICR module for night surveillance. With low light CMOS sensor, auto iris lens And IR LED, this camera can be used for applications or environments with varying light conditions.  Flexible Installations DCS-6510 supports three-axis mechanical design and 4 optional mounting accessories. Support DC12V, AC24V and PoE for more power source selection  Varied functions of DCS-6510 Varied functions was one of the key factors to increase the diversity of DCS-6510. These functions are hard to find together in a camera and therefore stand a good competition with the other high-end cameras o Positioning Highlights

4 4  Outdoor integrated DCS-6510 designed weather proof vandal housing which meet IP66 and IK-10 international standards and can withstand the toughest environment. Additionally, with built-in heater and fan, the DCS-6510 is capable of operating at temperature ranging from -20°C to 50°C making those the best choice for extreme weathers. o Positioning Highlights

5 Aptina 1/4” Progressive CMOS sensor Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG compression BLC for critical light source 20M IR led 3-axis lens adjustment for wall mount application Excellent Image quality and Low light performance Built-in removable IR-cut filter for day/night surveillance New ID design of D-link fixed dome type camera Local SD slot support both SD 1.1 and SDHC 2.0 storage card Simultaneous multi-stream support 2-way audio support Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) IPv6 o Selling points 5

6 IP 66 Weather resistant housing for outdoor Built-in heater and fan for -20°C ~ 50°C (-4°F ~ 122°F) operation temperature for extreme weathers. IK-10 Vandal proof housing 3GPP mobile surveillance Support ONVIF standard Built-in Samba client for NAS Supports HTTPS streaming Privacy Mask feature Advanced Event Management functions Supports multiple access list Flexible Installations IPv6 o Selling points 6

7 7 H.264 H.264 is a best standard for video compression. It is also known as MPEG- 4 Part 10, or MPEG-4 AVC (for Advanced Video Coding). H.264/AVC is capable of providing good video quality at substantially lower bit rates than previous standards without increasing the complexity of design. In the IP surveillance application, H.264 will be a better compression method where there are demands for higher frame rate and higher resolution videos. H.264 can reduce the size of video stream around 80% compared with the Motion JPEG and as much as 50% than MPEG-4. Thus less network bandwidth and storage space are required. o Technology Brief

8 8 H.264 Quality The improved compression performance of H.264 comes at the price of greater computational cost. H.264 is more sophisticated than earlier compression methods and this means that it can take significantly more processing power to compress and decompress H.264 video. A video frame compressed at the same bit rate compared as below figures: o Technology Brief * Picture source: Vcodex White Paper: An overview of H.264

9 9  Backlight Compensation ( BLC ) BLC indicates the image sensor's ability to automatically adjust in conditions, where lighting behind the camera, to deliver the sharpest and highest quality video image. o Technology Brief

10 10 IR LED The 12pcs IR LEDs improves illumination during the night for enhanced surveillance. o Technology Brief Wide view 3.7mm Tele view 12mm Distance 20 meters Lux: 0

11 11 HTTPS for network security Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS is a URI scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection. It is syntactically identical to the http:// scheme normally used for accessing resources using HTTP. Using an https: URL indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP. o Technology Brief

12 12 HTTPS (cont.) The HTTPS cannot be enabled if there is no certification on the device. There are three possible ways make you can enable the HTTPS, create certificate request and upload the certificate file which is signed by third party already, create self-signed certificate automatically and Create self-signed certificate manually. o Technology Brief

13 13 Privacy Mask for personal secret Privacy Mask feature allows you to block out certain sensitive zones for privacy. You can set up to five privacy mask windows in the same screen. Privacy masks will appear on all video streams and recording videos and will overlap with motion detection windows. As seen in the figure below, the masked area does not detect any motion. o Technology Brief

14 14 ONVIF standard ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products.. How you can benefit from ONVIF A global interface standard will make it even easier for end users, integrators, consultants and manufacturers to take advantage of the possibilities offered by network video technology. o Technology Brief Link to for get more information

15 SD slot for local storage Local SD storage for network loss event purpose SD 1.1 Maximum capacity 4G Bytes SDHC 2.0 Maximum capacity 32G Bytes. When video bit rate set 500kbps, 32GB can save 3 days video data. o Technology Brief 19

16 16 o Technology Brief Content of SD card remote accessible SD card content can be read, download by web user interface. User doesn’t need to get data from card. Support format function (FAT32)

17 17 o Technology Brief Normal dome cameras use 2 axis mechanism for horizontal and vertical adjustment only. For ceiling installation, the images are displayed as seen in as figure 1. Fig. 2 Fig. 3 When installed on a wall, the images are seen at 90 degree angle, as seen in figure 2. With third axis mechanism, camera images are adjusted accordingly as seen in figure 3. Fig. 1 3-Axis Mechanism

18 o Technology Brief Support 12V DC & 24C AC & PoE power source input - Consist with SMB camera design, DCS-6510 support 12V DC - Built-in PoE to support receiving both data and power over a single Ethernet cable - which makes the installation easier and cheaper - Support AC 24V for flexible power source selection. For example, installer can easy to get AV 24V power from building emergency power 18

19 19 o Target Market  DCS-6510 is ideal for Versatile Applications in Various Environments Indoor : supermarkets, gyms, airports, stations, casinos, hotels, buildings … Outdoor : warehouse, streets, parks, amusement parks, beaches, schools, stations …. Weather Resistant Housing International IP 66 Standard Built-in Heater and Fan Under -15 °C, the heater will turn on automatically. Over 40 °C, the Fan will turn on automatically. Vandal Proof Cover International IK 10 Standard. Protect the dome from violations

20 20 Feature o Fixed Dome Camera Roadmap P r i c e Outdoor DCS-6110 ¼” VGA CMOS MPEG4, MJPEG VGA @ 30 fps PoE, 3-axis DCS-6410 1/3” CCD MPEG4, MJPEG D1 @ 30 fps 2-way audio PoE, 3GPP 15M IR LED DCS-6111 ¼” VGA WDR CMOS MPEG4, MJPEG VGA @ 30 fps PoE, 3GPP,3-axis 20M IR LED, ICR DCS-6510 1/4” VGA CMOS H.264,MPEG4,MJPEG@30fps Two-way Audio 3-axis 20M IR LED, ICR Vandal & weather proof Megapixel DCS-6511 1/3” 1.3 Megapixel CMOS H.264. MPEG4, MJPEG 1280x1024 @ 30 fps WDR two-way Audio PoE, IR LED IP66/Vandal/weather proof Remote focus / DC-Iris Outdoor

21 21 o Application

22 22 o Optional Accessories  Flexible Installations Support various mounting accessories  IMPORTANT INFORMATION DCS-6510 Standard package don’t included mounting accessories.

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