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A Short Discussion on High Resolution Cameras VICON A&E SUMMIT ‘09.

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1 A Short Discussion on High Resolution Cameras VICON A&E SUMMIT ‘09

2 Goals Understand new terms and technology Discuss megapixel camera benefits Discuss megapixel camera trade-offs Overview of new Vicon products Look at possible product applications

3 Mega Terms Pixel PICture ELement Pixel count, expressed as megapixels Pixels Per Foot Progressive scan

4 VICON A&E SUMMIT ORLANDO, FLORIDA JAN. 25-27, 2009 Megapixel Cameras Four Major Benefits –Higher definition = greater detail –More coverage with fewer cameras –Different aspect ratio = higher efficiency –Progressive scan = stable picture

5 Higher Definition = Greater Detail Live Viewing After the Fact Multi Views

6 Fewer Cameras with Greater Detail

7 Fewer Cameras with More Detail

8 Resolution Relationship 1289 X 1024 VGA 1.3 MP 720 X 480 VGA

9 Different Aspect Ratio = Higher Efficiency Record the picture that is needed

10 Interlaced Scan vs. Progressive Scan Interlaced Scan

11 Megapixel Trade-Offs Greater bandwidth and storage requirements Four or more times greater – But … a 3 MP camera can replace up to 3 standard cameras

12 Megapixel Trade-Offs Smaller pixels are normally less light sensitive Pixels Picture Element

13 New Camera; New Lens Lens Quality Optics true to the edges Chip/ Lens Alignment Back focus

14 Facts about lenses Most sellers of mega pixel cameras are selling “pixels” not image quality* –Standard Lenses are made for 489 TV Lines –Lens quality needs to equal camera quality Les Simmonds Security Electronics Magazine

15 Pixels Per Foot: It’s all about the details Two ways to get detail. 1.Get the camera closer 1.Bigger lens / Move the camera 2.Collect more data.

16 How Many Pixels Are Needed? Monitoring 20 PPF Recognition 40 PPF Identification 60 PPF Detail 80 PPF You be the judge…

17 License Plate Recognition

18 How the Viewer Sees It

19 Recognize and ID People

20 Viewing Detail

21 Crunching the Numbers Coverage at Resolution: Horizontal FeetHorizontal meters Name Pixels (H) Pixels (V) Megapixel Rating GeneralForensicHighGeneralForensicHigh CIF3202400.11683521 VGA6404800.3321661052 WVGA7524800.4381991263 SXGA128010241.364321619105 UXGA160012001.980402024126 QXGA204815363.1102512631158 QSXGA256020485.21286432391910

22 Conventional box Indoor dome Indoor cube Outdoor dome Outdoor integrated with I/R Megapixel Camera Line

23 I-ONYX Megapixel Cameras: Common Features Resolution 640 X 480 to 1280 X 1024 Frame Rate 2-30 FPS Depending on Resolution Power 12 VDC Supplied or POE Lens Included Compression MJPEG Or MPEG 4 Progressive Scan

24 I-ONYX MP-950 f4.2mm / F1.8 megapixel lens 0.5 Lux at F1.8 Integrated Mount

25 Indoor dome camera Lens Included 4.2 mm I-ONYX MPD-955

26 Outdoor vandal-proof with IP66 protection Day and night function with mechanical IR cut filter Integrated f3.3~12 mm / F1.6 megapixel lens 0.05 Lux at F1.0 Surface, flush and wall mount supported I-ONYX MPD-955DN-O

27 Day and night function with Mechanical IR Cut Filter Integrated f3.3~12mm / F1.4 Megapixel lens IP66 weatherproof 12 VDC or 24 VAC (POE) Use V814 AWM Mount I-ONYX MP-955IR

28 Vicon 1.3 Mega Pixel Cameras –Three times higher resolution –View larger areas –MJPEG or MPEG 4 compression –2-8 FPS In Megapixel mode –Progressive scan –POE –Currently electronic iris only –The PTZ and fixed zoom lens is not dead. Bottom Line

29 IP Cameras and License Issues If all your product is software you have to charge for usage…..Camera License $$$$ The Vicon plan –License Software (open platform) –Vicon cameras….no license –Third Party IP cameras license fee charged –ONLY ONCE! It is reusable

30 Post Alarm Work

31 Outdoor –School play grounds –Executive Parking areas –Corrections exercise areas Indoor –School Lunch Rooms –Corrections Day Rooms –Money handling areas Applications

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