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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Oliver is a burglar a thief a mugger a pickpocket.

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1 Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Oliver is a burglar a thief a mugger a pickpocket

2 Rob x Steal  I was ________________  The bank was ___________  He ________ his mother’s car.  The money was ___________ robbed stole stolen people/placesobjects

3 Crime Verb theft thief to steal Criminal Has a thief ever stolen money from you?

4 Crime Verb robbery robber to rob Criminal You _______ a bank and you _______ the money Have you ever been …?

5 Criminal Crime Verb blackmail blackmailer to blackmail Have you ever been …?

6 Criminal Crime Verb burglary burglar to burgle the crime of getting into a building to steal things Has your house ever been…?

7 Criminal Crime Verb Drug dealing Drug dealer To sell drugs

8 Crime Verb hijacking hijacker To hijack to use violence or threats to take control of a plane, vehicle, or ship Criminal

9 Crime Verb kidnapping kidnapper To kidnap Criminal

10 Crime Verb mugging mugger to mug Criminal to attack someone and rob them in a public place Have you ever been…?

11 Crime Verb murder murderer to murder Criminal get away with murder idiomatic expression to do anything you want, even things that are wrong, without being punished: She lets those kids get away with murder.

12 Criminal Crime Verb rape rapist to rape

13 Crime Verb smuggling smuggler to smuggle Criminal to take something or someone illegally from one country to another

14 Crime Verb terrorism terrorist to set off bombs Criminal

15 Crime Verb vandalism vandal to vandalize Criminal

16 What happens to a criminal?

17 court judge  appear in court  go to court  take sb to court  criminal / civil court trial

18 evidence guilty guilty of The jury found her guilty of murder. He was found not guilty of the death of PC Jones. He pleaded guilty to two charges of theft.

19 Innocent or Guilty?  In English you are not found INNOCENT in a court of law. You are found GUILTY or NOT GUILTY

20 jury proof

21 verdict witness The jury reached their verdict. Verdict: GUILTY orNOT GUILTY

22 punishment TYPES:  Community service  A £600 fine  Six months in prison  A life sentence  A capital punishment (the death penalty)

23 sentence sentence somebody to something Sanchez was sentenced to three years in prison. She received an eight-year prison sentence.

24 arrested caught

25 Charge [transitive] to state officially that someone may be guilty of a crime charge somebody with something Gibbons has been charged with murder.

26 investigate

27  what happens in a court case:  At the beginning of the trial, the person who is accused pleads guilty or not guilty to the charges against them. The lawyers for the prosecution try to prove that the defendant is guilty, and the lawyers for the defence try to prove that their client is innocent. The judge and the jury examine the evidence and listen to the testimony of the witnesses.

28 At the end of the trial, the judge then sums up the case, and the jury then gives their verdict. If the person is found guilty, the judge sentences them to a period of time in prison, or orders them to pay a fine. If the person is found not guilty, they are released.

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