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Ender’s Game- The Hunger Games

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1 Ender’s Game- The Hunger Games
Hero’s Journey Ender’s Game- The Hunger Games

2 Ender’s Game The Ordinary World- Earth, Peter is causing a lot of hurt upon Ender and is causing stress.

3 Hunger Games The Ordinary World- Panem/ District 12. The world that they live in is a very hard and stressful.

4 Ender’s Game The Call to Adventure- Graff asks Ender if he would like to come to battle school.

5 Hunger Games The Call to Adventure- Prim’s name gets drawn and instead of her Katniss volunteers to go instead.

6 Ender’s Game Refusal of the Call- Ender’s parents don’t want him to do and he almost decides not to go to battle school, because he wants to stay with Valentine, because he loves her.

7 Hunger Games Refusal of the Call- Katniss, after volunteering, decides she shouldn’t have because she doesn’t want to go. But she has to save her sister.

8 Ender’s Game Meeting the Mentor- Ender has many mentors, but the first one he meets is Graff the one who asked him to come to battle school.

9 Hunger Games Meeting the Mentor- Katniss and Peta meet Haymich and they decide he might not be the best, because he is a major drunk.

10 Ender’s Game Crossing the Threshold- Ender decides to go to battle school and heads up, out of the atmosphere of earth, to start training.

11 Hunger Games Crossing the Threshold- The three; Peta, Katniss, and Haymich; hop on the train and head to the Capitol. This is the most treasured of all the districts.

12 Ender’s Game Tests, Allies, and Enemies- Ender has many of these: Bonzo, Bernard, the adults, and also Petria.

13 Hunger Games Tests, Allies, Enemies- All 24 tributes are he enemies, and also the capitol because she doesn’t like her, well she seems to think so, and she puts some stumps in there way that they don’t like.

14 Ender’s Game Approach- Ender meets some people who will help him through such as: Ali, Petria, Mazer Rackham, and others.

15 Hunger Games Approach- Katniss goes into training and they prepare for battle, and possibly the end of their lives. With the other tributes they learn and practice their skills.

16 Ender’s Game The Ordeal- Ender goes into many battles, and eventually has to save the world.

17 Hunger Games The Ordeal- Katniss has to battle to the death in order to escape this everlasting battle.

18 Ender’s Game The Reward- Ender’s reward after the big fight would be him saving the world from the bugger race.

19 Hunger Games The Reward- Katniss and Peeta both were able to live and they got out of the Hunger games And returned to their families.

20 Ender’s Game The Resurrection- He is faced with the thought that he killed off a whole race and they no longer exist because of him. And he thought it was just a game, but it was the real thing.

21 Hunger Games The Resurrection- Katniss gets back home and she is faced with the thought of everyone she killed and everyone who died around her. And also the thought of Peeta loving her and she not loving her back.

22 Ender’s Game The Road Back- Ender gets to go back home, to earth, but his thoughts will haunt him forever.

23 Hunger Games The Road Back- Peeta and Katniss go home and return to their lives as they were, but better.

24 Ender’s Game Return with the Elixir- Ender makes The Speaker of the Dead and he returns with himself and he saved the world!!!

25 Hunger Games Return with the Elixir- Katniss returns home with herself which is the biggest part of the prize. SHE IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND FOR NOW!!!

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