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Nyirou Kuot Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins Published by Scholastic Press in 2010.

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1 Nyirou Kuot Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins Published by Scholastic Press in 2010

2 Introduction In the Mockingjay Katniss Everdeen explains the bombing of district Twelve and how they lost everything, but those who survived and escaped were now safe in district Thirteen. She goes back to District Twelve with the permission of Coin, district Thirteen’s president, to find the ruins and also a rose left by president Snow for her. People think she has gone crazy, so she just does whatever she wants. She and a couple of tributes escaped from the Quater Quell except Peter who is still in the Capitol. After a while they tell her she has to decide to be the Mockingjay and represent Thirteen and the rebels against the Capital until the war is over. She is with Gale, Prim, her mother, and a couple of friends from Twelve and the Hunger Games in Thirteen who continue to try to keep her standing. They rescue Peter for her but he doesn’t return as his normal self.

3 Protagonist/ Antagnist Protagonist: Katniss Everdeen- Strong, hardheaded, independent, seventeen year old from District 12 who is the hope of the districts. She survived the Hunger Games and Quarter Quell. And is now ready to lead the nation out of war. Antagonist: President Snow- Cruel leader of Panem who makes he children of the districts fight to the death to show that he is in control. He hates Katniss because she starts the rebellions in the districts and is a big threat to him.

4 Identification and Central Conflict The rebels have finally chased all the peacekeepers out of their districts and Thirteen has taken over Two so they can now proceed to the Capitol. All of Thirteen and rebels go to the Capitol to fight. Katniss was put on squad 451, who were basically suppose to just get clips of the war and not actually fight. Katniss wants to kill Snow herself, so she goes out of her way and now has her own team going through the streets of the Capitol with her. The war is drawing to an end now. She loses a lot of her comrades and later witness something that makes her lose her mind. After that the war was over. One side won, but READ to find out which one.

5 Minor Characters Prim: Katniss’ sister whom she loves dearly and would do anything for. She is what keeps Katniss going. Octavia: Member of Katniss’ prep team who is an example that not all Capitol people are monsters. She is a very sweet person, especially to Katniss. Tigris: She was a storekeeper in the Capitol who helped Katniss and her team hide on mission. She shows that there are those in the Capitol that believe what Snow has been doing is wrong and are willing to endanger their lives to help for the better good.

6 Critics James described the book as “messy” and didn’t end in the best way. Even though her rated it with a four, he believes the book is not the right way to end the series, because such a great book like the Hunger Games should not end. The book was basically about war, and he believes war is hell, therefore messy. Even though he enjoyed the book, he had to read it twice to truly understand it. Reviews by Susan Carpenter from Los Angeles Times: She summarizes the book for those who haven’t read. She says how the book is mainly about war and how Katniss finally choses from Peeta and Gale. I can conclude that she enjoyed the book because she says “WOW” at the end of her critic.

7 My Opinion of Book The Mockingjay is a fun and interesting book to read. It contains romance, mystery, violence, and suspense. I recommend you read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire first in order to truly understand Mockingjay. I rate this book a four. So I advice you to read it because you will enjoy it.

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