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What do we need for the Creative Industries to thrive? Dinah Caine,OBE,CEO Creative Skillset.

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1 What do we need for the Creative Industries to thrive? Dinah Caine,OBE,CEO Creative Skillset

2 Industrial strategy Plan for Growth identifies the CIs as having the potential to drive significant growth in the UK Creative Industries face constant challenges and opportunities as rapid technological change transforms them Creative Industries Council (CIC) is set up (an Industrial Council) to instigate industry led approaches to boosting the growth and competitiveness with Government facilitating and removing barriers where appropriate. CIC has prioritised the importance of Talent and Skills as a key factor in the growth equation and Creative Skillset has been tasked to lead this work with a core group that includes employers, other SSCs and representation of trade associations & unions.

3 CIC skills group key recommendations 1.CPD and nurturing the business leaders of the future 1.Inspiring next generation of creative talent 1.Increasing & enriching pathways to enter & prosper in the Creative Industries 1.Better information: co-ordination to meet knowledge gaps & making robust intelligence available to all

4 Rec 2.4: Build stronger partnerships between Higher Education and the Creative Industries “the partnerships of HE with our industries could be a powerful alliance to support learning, innovation, progression and fusion” Rec 4. 1: Extend the Creative Skillset Tick model across the sector “ a vital signpost for learning provision & excellence”

5 Higher Education is also changing From presentation at Creative Advance: Facing disruption from rapid changes in communications, digital and IT (CDIT). Being at the start of a mass higher education system funded primarily in England by graduates Being in the middle of a new engagement between business and HE. There’s a long way to go, a lot to learn and fresh thinking required

6 Pick the Creative Skillset Tick – kite marking of courses through accreditation Benchmark of quality & HE trailblazer – extended in other areas From potential pool of 4,450 HE courses at the moment accredited: - 96 HE courses (out of 180 applications) - 31 short courses (out of 48 applications) - 10 apprenticeships (out of 36 applications) Creative Advance (Creative Skillset building capacity and best practice amongst HEI partners) Extending the Creative Skillset Tick

7 Higher Education institutions play a key role for Creative Industries Partners in supporting talent pipeline and CPD Join its voice to shape curriculum and deliver new higher level apprenticeship frameworks – BBC & Catalyst Fund proposal Maintain excellence and quality of education, for home & international market – international work Be innovative business partners to Creative Industries (from R&D to new start ups & skills development) – Abertay & Computer Games Players on the local and hyper-local economic landscape - local news consortia Enablers to develop fusion skills that our industries need to survive and thrive

8 From the Fuse to fusion skills 1.From STEM to STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics "Over the past century, the UK has stopped nurturing its polymaths. You need to bring art and science back together.” Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, August 2011 2.The Fuse by CIHE 1.Embed fusion skills in education (CIC Skills report) Creative Skillset supports fusion skills

9 More partnership work Schools and curriculum – joining the voices Creative Catalyst – online platform to connect people, employers and educators across the UK creative industries supports resources for careers, internships, mentoring, training courses, self assessment tools, apprenticeship & internship forums, industry research and more Research partners Monitoring data of student destinations to see recruitment patterns and evaluate the success of programmes of study and interventions Thank you

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