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SEE 2020 Strategy Inclusive Growth Workshop

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1 SEE 2020 Strategy Inclusive Growth Workshop

2 Europe 2020: 5 EU targets By 2020: 75 % employment rate (% of population aged years) 3% investment in R&D (% of EU’s GDP) “20/20/20” climate/energy targets met (incl. 30% emissions reduction if conditions are right) < 10% early school leavers & min. 40% hold tertiary degree 20 million less people should be at risk of poverty Supported by 7 Flagship Initiatives These targets articulate where we want Europe to be in 2020 Highest political commitment has been given to these targets- heads of state or government 75 % employment rate (% of population aged years) Requires effort equal to job growth < 10% early school leavers & min. 40% hold tertiary degree Requires funding 20 million less people should be at risk of poverty Difficult as many will retire and intra-EU labour mobility will grow These targets are translated in 27 national targets. They will have to add up to EU level target.

3 Climate, energy and mobility
Europe 2020: 7 flagship initiatives to make Long term-targets more operational Smart Growth Sustainable Growth Inclusive Growth Innovation « Innovation Union » Climate, energy and mobility « Resource efficient Europe » Employment and skills « An agenda for new skills and jobs” Education « Youth on the move » Competitiveness « An industrial policy for the globalisation era » Fighting poverty « European platform against poverty » Digital society « A digital agenda for Europe » Flagships which define CONCRETE ACTIONS

4 SEE 2020: Response to Europe 2020
Preparations for future membership suggest that the Europe 2020 policy goals and implementation methods are pertinent to enlargement countries However, a strong need to adjust the strategy to region’s needs, making it more realistic and credible Main objectives include boosting competitiveness, productivity, growth potential, social cohesion and economic convergence

5 SEE 2020 SEE 2020 Vision adopted at the SEE Ministers of Economy Conference in November 2011: Integrated growth to deepen regional trade and investment linkages Smart growth – innovation and competition based on value-added rather than labour costs Sustainable growth – private sector competitiveness, entrepreneurship, greener and energy-efficient development Inclusive growth – skills development, employment creation & labour market participation by all Governance for growth – improve capacity of public administrations to strengthen the rule of law and reduce corruption






11 Youth unemployment Ratio of youth unemployment to adult unemployment
Share of youth unemployed in total unemployed Alb 2.4 …  BIH 2.3 25.8 Cro 3.4 30.4 Mac 18.9 Ser 3 20.9


13 Level of education matters
Country Year Age Unemployment rate of persons with primary level or less education (%) Unemployment rate of persons with secondary level education (%) Unemployment rate of persons with tertiary level education (%) Cro 2010 15-74 13.5 12 7.6 15-24 52.3 29.7 - 25-74 11.1 8.7 7.3 Mac 40.1 31.3 18.9 62 52.2 43.5 37.7 27.6 17.3

14 Common country priorities for employment creation
Enabling business environment Human capital development (LLL, higher, adult, vocational and non formal education, career guidance, matching skills for jobs, research and development, entrepreneurial education) Employment policies especially targeting youth, long term unemployed, women, low qualified, minorities, disabled as well as less developed regions Strengthening capacities of labor market management and coordination with other stakeholders in the labor market (including more data and analysis) Formal economy and employment Social inclusion and poverty reduction (social entrepreneurship, social support measures for disadvantaged) Labor mobility

15 Way forward First meeting on 30 January on employment
Data analysis based on identified priorities and forecasts for 2020 Review and agree within the working group Work together with other dimensions (education, health) towards a comprehensive inclusive growth strategy. Establish links with other pillars. High level conference to adopt 2020 strategy, targets, measures and indicators.

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