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2 IN THIS COURSE WE WILL BE STUDYING THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: Factoring & Rational Expressions Radicals & Complex Numbers Equations Solving Quadratic Equations & Inequalities Properties of Quadratics Relations & Functions Transformations Exponents & Logarithms Trigonometry Sequences & Series Statistics, Regressions & Probability

3 WHAT THE STUDENTS NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL: 2” 3-Ring Binder Scientific Calculator  Graphing calculator may be used, but is not required (TI83-plus is recommended) Writing Utensil Graph Paper & Loose Leaf Paper

4 MY EXPECTATIONS OF THE STUDENTS: Be respectful Be here on time Be prepared Homework done and out, ready to be checked Maximum effort

5 NO TEXTBOOK: We do not have a textbook.  Packets distributed by unit  Kept in a 2” binder Students will be assigned homework out of the packets daily.

6 HOW ARE THE STUDENTS ASSESSED? Daily homework – This is checked daily and 1 point is deducted from their final marking period average for every homework assignment not done. Quizzes – 12-15 per marking period counting as 40% of their grade. Unit Tests – taken at the end of each unit counting as 60% of their grade. Their overall marking period grade is just the sum of the two percentages. Regents exam at the end of the year counts as 20% of their overall average for the year.

7 HOW DO THE STUDENTS RECEIVE EXTRA HELP? PeriodClassRoom 1 st Geometry624 2 nd Math Lab505 3 rd Geometry624 4 th Plan 5 th Trigonometry624 6 th Lunch 7 th Geometry624 8 th Plan 9 th Study Hall624 Students are welcome to come to my room any period that I do not have instruction for help – 2 nd, 4 th, 6 th, 8 th, 9 th.

8 REGENTS INFO: The students will take a Regents in June. The State Education Department / The University of the State of New York Regents Examination in Integrated Algebra – June 2011 Chart for Converting Total Test Raw Scores to Final Examination Scores (Scale Scores) RawScaleRawScaleRawScaleRawScale Score 87100658443742153 8699648342732051 8597638341731950 8496628340721848 8395618239711746 8294608238711644 8193598237701542 8092588136691440 7991578135681338 7890568034681236 7790558033671134 7689548032661031 758853793165929 748852793064826 738751782963724 728750782862621 718649772761518 708648772659415 698647762558311 68864676245728 67854575235614 66844475225400 3266 3165 3064

9 GEOMETRY RUBRIC: 4266 4165 4064

10 TRIG RUBRIC: 4666 4565 4464

11 COMMUNICATION: I believe in e-mail.  E-mail weekly  Notify of upcoming tests  Notify of upcoming holidays  Notify of report card distribution My e-mail  My website 

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