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PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 1 PPT 6.02.02 - PESTICIDE USER RESPONSIBILITIES.

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1 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 1 PPT 6.02.02 - PESTICIDE USER RESPONSIBILITIES

2 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 2 Understand Types of Pesticides 1. insecticides to control insects 2. fungicides to control fungus diseases 3. miticides to control mites 4. herbicides to control weeds 5. rodenticides to control rodents 6. molluscicides to control snails and slugs

3 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 3 Understand Signal Words and Toxicity Levels CAUTION means slightly toxic. WARNING means moderately toxic. DANGER means extremely or highly toxic. RESTRICTED means pesticide can only be applied by a licensed applicator or under the direct supervision of a licensed applicator.

4 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 4 Understand Labels and Other Chemical Information Pesticides must be approved by the EPA. Regulations for Restricted Entry Intervals --No unprotected person may be in treated area during application. --Re-entry time must be stated in a language that workers can understand. Chemical must be used for intended purposes as listed on the label.

5 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 5 Understand Use of Proper Clothing and Safety Equipment Always wear gloves and safety goggles when using ANY chemical. Use respirators for dusts or fumigants. Wear rubber boots and/or aprons along with a hard hat for liquid sprays. Always follow label recommendations for correct clothing and equipment.

6 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 6 Understand Pesticide Storage Keep pesticides in original containers to prevent mistaken identity of chemicals. Pesticide storage areas should be locked and well ventilated to prevent access by children, pets, and unauthorized persons. Keep children and animals away from pesticides to prevent injury or death. Store separately from food or animal feeds to prevent contamination of food or feeds.

7 PPT 6.02.02 - User Responsibilities 7 Understand Pesticide Disposal Triple rinse containers (rinse 3 times). Use rinse water on intended crop or area to prevent soil and water contamination. Check with Cooperative Extension Service or sanitary landfill for proper disposal procedures for the local area because rules vary in different locations for different pesticides.

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