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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships Kelloggsville High School.

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1 Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships Kelloggsville High School

2 Project Overview Many Kelloggsville students come from homes where they have witnessed domestic abuse. We believe there is a strong need in our community to educate people regarding the importance of building strong healthy relationships. We determined this by brainstorming a list of problems that face our school and community. Dating and domestic violence was one issue we addressed.

3 What we learned 25% of women have experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. One in five teenage girls report being physically or sexually abused by their boyfriends. Men who abuse their wives often abuse their children as well. An abuser more often than not witnessed abuse in his/her home as a child. Abuse touches everyone.

4 The Clothesline Project The colors used to paint the shirts each represent a person who was the victim of abuse White represents women who died because of violence; Yellow or beige represents battered or assaulted women; Red, pink, and orange are for survivors of rape and sexual assault; Blue and green t-shirts represent survivors of incest and sexual abuse; Purple or lavender represents women attacked because of their sexual orientation; Black is for women attacked for political reasons. The Clothesline Project is nationwide and aimed at bringing awareness out in the open about violence against women.

5 Safe Haven’s Visit During this unit our classes were visited by a woman from Safe Haven Ministries, an organization here in Michigan that helps shelter abused women and children. We learned about the cycle of abuse during her visit and also did a few activities to get us thinking about unhealthy relationships.

6 The PSA ProjectThe PSA Project Groups of students from each class worked on domestic violence Public Service Announcements for Safe Haven! The videos showed different examples of domestic violence, including physical and emotional abuse! Safe Haven chose two winning PSA’s. They will be shown at the end of our presentation!

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