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Parliament Triumphs in England

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1 Parliament Triumphs in England
Chapter 4 Section 3 OBJECTIVES Describe the Tudor monarchs’ relations with Parliament Analyze how clashes between the Stuarts and Parliament ushered in a century of revolution Understand how the English Civil War and the development of the Commonwealth led to the Glorious Revolution Explain the development of English constitutional government

2 I. A Century of Revolution
Elizabeth I Dies childless Closest relative is James I King of Scotland Start of the Stuart Dynasty Belief in Divine Right

3 James I Constant clashes with Parliament
Mostly over money and foreign affairs James would just dissolve parliament and collect taxes on his own

4 Charles I 1625 Believed in Divine Right 1628 Scottish Revolt
Summons Parliament to raise taxes Parliament forces Charles to sign the Petition of Right King cannot raise taxes without consent of Parliament Charles signs it and then ignores it Scottish Revolt Charles forced to summon Parliament again The Long Parliament (1640) Session lasts until 1653 Back and forth struggles from

5 II. The English Civil War
Cavaliers Supported the King Roundhead Supported Parliament Puritans Called roundheads for their haircuts

6 Oliver Cromwell Military Genius Organized the “New Model Army” By 1647
Officers of skill rather than social class By 1647 Cromwell and his army captured the King 1649 Charles I is executed 1st time in history, the English ruler was executed No ruler could claim absolute power

7 III. Cromwell and the Commonwealth
Parliament Abolishes the monarchy, the House of Lords and the Church of England Establishes the Commonwealth Lead by Cromwell The Struggle Resistors from Scotland and Ireland Supported Charles II Levellers Believed that the poor should have the same rights in the Government as the rich 1653 Cromwell takes the title: Lord Protector Rules as a dictator

8 The End of Cromwell England becomes a very Puritan country 1658 1660
However England does not all follow Puritan teachings Drinking Gambling Dancing Theaters 1658 Cromwell dies Puritans lose grip on government 1660 Parliament invited Charles II to take over

9 IV. Restoration to Glorious Revolution
Charles II Reestablished the Church of England Yet had Catholic sympathies James II Charles’ Brother Inherits the throne in 1685 He is an open Catholic Appoints Catholics to higher positions

10 Parliament Invites Mary (James’ daughter) and her husband William of Orange to invade England When William lands in England, James II flees for France This event is know as the Glorious Revolution The Bloodless overthrow

11 V. The English Bill of Rights
1689 Shows the superiority of Parliament Trial by Jury Abolished Cruel and Unusual Punishment Toleration Act Granted religious freedom to Quakers, Puritans and others NOT TO CATHOLICS

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