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WHII.6c English Civil War & Glorious Revolution

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1 WHII.6c English Civil War & Glorious Revolution

2 Rights of Englishmen Political democracy
rests on the principle that government derives power from the consent of the governed In other words, the people have to voluntarily give power to the government in order for it to rule.

3 Rights of Englishmen Foundations of English freedoms included:
Magna Carta (1215) Limits the king’s power Creates “Rule of Law” No one is above the law, not even the king Common law Laws apply to all people Trial by jury Other rights – property, speech, press, etc.

4 English Civil War Puritans in Parliament trying to take power from king Charles I leads troops into Parliament to arrest members English Civil War beings Kings/nobles v. Parliament/Puritans Parliament led by Oliver Cromwell Puritan member of the Parliament

5 Charles I

6 Oliver Cromwell & the English Civil War

7 English Civil War Parliament wins Charles I executed →
Parliament can’t decide on a new government Cromwell takes over & makes himself dictator People don’t like his strict rule Cromwell dies & Charles II becomes king Development of political parties / factions

8 Glorious Revolution “bloodless” revolution
Exchange of power without war William & Mary take the throne Increase of Parliamentary power over royal power English Bill of Rights (1689)

9 Glorious Revolution

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