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What was so glorious about the “Glorious Revolution?”

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1 What was so glorious about the “Glorious Revolution?”
No Blood

2 A little Review MONARCHS of ENGLAND
House of Tudor Henry VII Tudor ( ) Henry VIII ( ) Charles II (Son of Charles I) (Anglican) Edward VI ( ) Lady Jane Grey (1553) Mary I Tudor ( ) James II (Brother to Charles) (Catholic) Elizabeth I ( ) James had 3 children MONARCHS OF GREAT BRITAIN House of Stuart James I ( ) Charles I ( ) Mary Ann Son The Commonwealth (Protestant) (Protestant) (Catholic) Oliver Cromwell ( ) Richard Cromwell ( ) House of Stuart, Restored Charles II ( ) James II ( ) House of Orange and Stuart - The “Glorious Revolution” William III, Mary II ( )

3 The Glorious Revolution
Parliament Takes Charge !! William and Mary are “invited” to become king and queen of Great Britain because they are Protestant…. BUT only if they sign the Bill of Rights! Who “invited” them? Parliament

4 The Bill of Rights Provisions of the Bill of Rights
Parliament would choose the ruler. The ruler must follow Parliaments laws. The ruler could not make or suspend any law.

5 This led England to become a “Constitutional Monarchy”
What is a constitutional monarchy? Kings and queens who lead a government, BUT their powers are limited by a constitution. Parliament takes the power People are protected by laws!

6 Can you answer this question?
How did the Glorious Revolution lead England to becoming a Constitutional Monarchy?

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