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PC Support & Repair Chapter 3 Computer Assembly- Step by Step.

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1 PC Support & Repair Chapter 3 Computer Assembly- Step by Step

2 Objectives After completing this chapter, you will meet these objectives: ▫ Open the case. ▫ Install the power supply. ▫ Attach the components to the motherboard and install the motherboard. ▫ Install internal drives. ▫ Install drives in external bays. ▫ Install adapter cards. ▫ Connect all internal cables. ▫ Re-attach the side panels and connect external cables to the computer. ▫ Boot the computer for the first time.

3 Open the Case Size & shape is the ? ▫ Form factor Prepare ▫ Lighting, antistatic mats, container for screws Each case opens differently

4 Install the Power Supply Fits one way Screws attach it to mobo VIRTUAL DESKTOP: POWER SUPPLY LAB 3.2 INSTALL POWER SUPPLY

5 Install CPU & Fan Put in before mobo goes in case Put on mat & wear strap DO NOT touch CPU contacts Match up Pin 1 What kind of socket is pictured?

6 Install CPU & Fan Apply thermal compound ▫ Helps conduct heat away from CPU If using an old CPU ▫ Clean off old compound ▫ Isopropyl alcohol ONLY

7 Heat Sink & Fan Heat sink draws heat away from CPU Has a 3-pin power connector for fan Visit site…

8 Install RAM Make sure it’s compatible! RAM ▫ Temp data storage ▫ Volatile ▫ More= better performance Align notches Press until side tabs click

9 Install Motherboard Standoffs/spacers prevent mobo from touching case Align I/O with case Align screw holes Tighten screws

10 Lab Virtual Desktop: Motherboard Lab 3.3.3: Install Motherboard

11 Install Internal Hard Drive Internal Bays ▫ 3.5” HDD ▫ Hard disk drive Screw drive into bay Virtual Desktop: Internal Drives

12 Install Optical Drive in External Bay External Bay ▫ Accessible outside case ▫ 5.25” Optical CD/DVD ▫ Molex power connector ▫ PATA (IDE/EIDE) data cable Screw into bay

13 Install Floppy Drive in External Bay External Bay ▫ Accessible outside case ▫ 3.5” Floppy Drive (FDD) ▫ Berg power connector ▫ FDD data cable (wider) Screw into bay

14 Lab Virtual Desktop: Drives in External Bays Lab 3.5.2: Install Drives

15 Install Adapter Cards PCI PCIe AGP NIC Wireless NIC Video Card

16 Lab Virtual Desktop: Adapter Cards Lab 3.6.3: Install Adapter Cards

17 Connect the Power Cables Data, Power, LED lights ▫ Mobo power & AUX ▫ SATA power (15-pin) ▫ Molex power ▫ Berg power ▫ Fan (3-pin)

18 Connect the Data Cables PATA ▫ Ribbon ▫ 40 or 80-pin ▫ Stripe Pin 1  Closer to power

19 Connect the Data Cables SATA ▫ 7-pin

20 Connect the Data Cables Floppy ▫ 34-pin ▫ Stripe for pin 1 ▫ Put in backwards  Drive activity light flash

21 Lab Virtual Desktop: Internal Cables Lab 3.2.7: Install Internal Cables

22 Finishing Up Reattach Case with screws Connect external cables ▫ Monitor ▫ Keyboard ▫ Mouse ▫ USB ▫ Ethernet ▫ Power (LAST)

23 Booting Up 1 st Time BIOS does a check of internal components ▫ POST  All hardware works  Beeps indicate info  Codes differ  1 usually= GOOD

24 BIOS BIOS data saved to CMOS ▫ Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor ▫ Powered by battery ▫ Battery dies= lost BIOS data To enter/change BIOS settings… ▫ Press key during POST ▫ DEL or F12, depends on PC ▫ What is ours?  F2

25 BIOS Main – System time, date, HDD type, etc. Advanced – Infrared port settings, parallel port settings, etc. Security – Password settings to setup utility Others – Low battery alarm, system beep, etc. Boot – Boot order of the computer Exit – Setup utility exit

26 Lab Lab 3.9.2: Boot the Computer

27 Review

28 PC Support & Repair Chapter 3 Computer Assembly- Step by Step

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