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Recreation Marketing Sports & Entertainment Marketing Mrs. Wilson.

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1 Recreation Marketing Sports & Entertainment Marketing Mrs. Wilson

2 What is Recreation? Recreation can be defined as renewing or rejuvenating your body or mind with play and amusing activity. The activities are those involved in: –Travel –Tourism –Amateur sports that are not associated with educational institutions


4 Participation Participation in recreational activities generally requires purchase of a combination of products and services. Participant must make a commitment of time and money for lessons, practice, equipment, and travel to a location or facility.


6 A Better Image Pro sports marketers work to increase interest in related recreational sports. For example, the Pro Bowlers Association is working to draw mainstream sponsors and a broader audience by promoting a new image of bowling.

7 Bowling Ten million league members bowl at least once a week. More than 55 million people in the US bowled at least once during 1997. More people bowl than any other recreational sport. They also watch it on TV.

8 So what is the problem?

9 The problem is…. Lack of a famous, young icon Bowling needs a marketable sports figure to catch the attention of the public. For example, Tiger Woods is a worldwide celebrity and played a key role in promoting the game of golf with the black population in Africa who, prior to the end of apartheid, had been denied chances to play.

10 Travel & Tourism The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that, worldwide, the travel industry employs 130 million people and is the world’s largest industry. Tourism is defined as traveling for pleasure whether the travel is independent or tour- based. Includes vacations, honeymoons, conventions, and family visits.

11 Niche Travel Recreational travel or tours planned around a special interest as niche travel. Can you give me an example?

12 Disney Complete travel packages online, including hotel, airline, rental car, and park tickets.

13 Marketing Mix & Niche The marketing mix in niche travel is critical to the success of the business. Planning the right tour, promoting and distributing it to the right customers, pricing it to attract them, and making a profit all require marketing information. Senior citizens WOULD NOT enjoy the same travel as you would!

14 Why is marketing information important to the travel and tourism business? Why is travel and tourism not a one-size-fits-all business?

15 Answers… It is important to understand customers’ needs and wants and to focus the business on a target customer. Travel for pleasure is based on individual interests.

16 Computer Lab Tuesday & Wednesday Quiz Friday Computer lab—work on TV assignment Reread Chapter 1 in your book. Focus on the definitions of: –Sports Marketing –Entertainment Marketing –Recreation Marketing What is the difference between a participant and a spectator?

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