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Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training

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1 Welcome to Cub Scout Leader Training

2 The Tiger Cub Den Leader

3 The Cub Scout Promise I, (name) promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.

4 The Tiger Cub Den Leader:
Helps the den get organized Gives leadership to den program planning Shares leadership with adult partners Works with other pack leaders Participates in pack program planning

5 The Tiger Cub Den Leader Is Supported by the:
Cubmaster Pack committee Chartered organization District and council, through Commissioners District Cub Scout roundtables District committee District executive District training team

6 Leadership Skills Shared leadership Teamwork Cooperation Communication
Working with boys Attitude Setting the example

7 Cub Scout Advancement Encouragement and recognition of achievement
Grade-related Role of parents changes as boys move through program In Tiger Cubs, parents are “adult partners”

8 Tiger Cub Advancement Tiger Cub Totem Tiger Cub rank Tiger Tracks
Bobcat rank

9 Tiger Cub Uniforming Sense of belonging Attention
Identification with Scouting

10 Summary: Advancement and Uniforming
Grade-based and progressive Adult partners are the key Leaders support it Leaders set uniforming example

11 Planning in the Pack Monthly themes and activities
Monthly pack leaders’ meeting Annual program planning conference

12 Tiger Cub Den Meetings Before the meeting Gathering Opening Share
Discover Search Closing After the meeting

13 Great Tiger Cub Den Meetings
Are planned well in advance Operate with shared leadership Use Tiger Cub Handbook, Program Helps, Cub Scout Leader Book Use pack people resources Anticipate any behavior problems Are FUN!

14 Six Great Tiger Cub Leader Secrets:
Adult partners come to all meetings. Boys need a fast-moving program. Alternate energetic activities with quiet ones. “Hands-on” is better than lecture. Boys will learn self-control when given guidelines. Codes of conduct work when used consistently.

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