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The Lady or the Tiger? Questions and Answers.

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1 The Lady or the Tiger? Questions and Answers

2 Q: Why did the king throw the princess’ lover into prison?

3 A: The king threw the princess’ lover into prison because he did not know that the princess was in love with the peasant and brought him to a trial.

4 Q: What does ‘barbaric’ mean?

5 A: Barbaric means resembling barbarians; rough and rude.

6 Q: Where did the king sit in the arena?

7 A: The king sat high up on his throne of royal state on one side of the arena.

8 Q: Did the princess like the lady who had been chosen for her lover’s trial?

9 A: No, the princess hated the lady who had been chosen for the trial because she was jealous of her being beautiful and lovely.

10 Q: How did the princess’ dreams start?

11 A: The princess’ dreams started in a wild horror.

12 Q: What does ‘impartial’ mean?

13 A: Impartial means showing no more favor to one side than to the other; fair; just.

14 Q: What other short story has the same connection with the climax as ‘The Lady or the Tiger’?

15 A: The other story that connects with ‘The Lady or the Tiger’s’ climax is ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ because the climax is at the end of the two stories.

16 Q: What door did the princess’ lover choose?

17 A: The story left it for the reader to decide which they thought it would be.

18 Q: What did the king get the lover to choose from?

19 A: The king got the lover to choose from two doors.

20 Q: What was behind the doors in the king’s arena?

21 A: A tiger and a lady.

22 Q: What does ‘anxiety’ mean?

23 A: Anxiety means uneasy thoughts or fears about what may happen; a troubled; worried or uneasy feeling.

24 Q: What is the king described as at the beginning of the story?

25 A: He is described as “semi-barbaric”.

26 Q: What did the phrase ‘the apple of his eye’ mean?

27 A: It meant that she was the love of his life.

28 Q: What happens if the lady comes out of the door?

29 A: The princess’ lover would have to marry the lady instantly.

30 Q: What is the climax of the lady or the tiger?

31 A: When the lover raises his hand to choose a door.

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