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The Programmatic Marketing Revolution is Here! Sacha Berlik General Manager,

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1 The Programmatic Marketing Revolution is Here! Sacha Berlik General Manager, Europe @dataxu

2 The Digital Lifestyle is Transforming Consumer Behavior @dataxu

3 © 2012 DataXu, Inc. All rights reserved. | 3 Title and One Column Text Changing the Way We Buy

4 From Work to Play: Auto Intenders Are Cross-Device Users

5 Financial Services: Consumers Make Transactions Across Devices 5 iPad Mini

6 Retail: Consumers Shop on Every Device

7 Consumer Behavior is Creating Big Data @dataxu

8 © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 8 From Transactional to Behavioral Data

9 From Static to Dynamic Data @dataxu

10 1.8 ZB In 2011 13 + ZB In 2015 From Little to Big Data @dataxu

11 Big Data Creates a New Opportunity for Marketers

12 Big Data is Transforming Marketing @dataxu

13  Omni-channel  Programmatic  Auctions for ads on exchanges  Data deluge  Real-time decisions  Science  Transparent Ad Industry Undergoing Discontinuous Change  TV, radio, print  Manual  Layers of media middle men  Data scarce  Batch-mode decisions  Faith  Opaque Mad Men Math Men

14 Values Are Changing for Marketers High Value Engagement Personalization Conveying Your Brand as a Service Low Value Advertising

15 New Approach Required Big Data Enables You to Market Smarter … …Programmatic Marketing

16 What is Programmatic Marketing? @dataxu

17 Use of data and analytics to deliver an optimal consumer experience Every interaction is measured and tailored to the individual consumer In real-time…at the speed of life @dataxu

18 Content Category News Family & Parenting LawGovt & Politics Arts & Entertainment Travel Technology & Computing User Generated Content Hobbies & Interests Real Estate What are the demos and interests of my best customers? Max “Add to Cart” rate Median “Add to Cart” rate Min “Add to Cart” rate Infants (0- 2) Single Separated > $100K $50-$75K $75K-$100K Income Children Female 35-44 No Children Toddlers (2- 5) Male 25-34 $20-$50K 45-54 55-64 Tweens/Teena gers (10-19) Children (5-10) Married 65+ Gender Age Marital Status Business Society Science 18-24 Education Food & Drink Shopping Health & Fitness <$20 K @dataxu

19 Are consumers that click really my best customers? Click Rate Less than $20K $20K-$30K $30K-$40K $40K-$50K $76K-$100K $50K-$60K $100K-$150K $150K-$250K Over $500K $250K-$500K Purchase Rate Over $500K $250K-$500K $150K-$250K $100K-$150K $76K-$100K $40K-$50K $50K-$60K $30K-$40K Less than $20K $20K-$30K @dataxu

20  Efficiency –Elimination of wasteful media spend –Automation of manual work  Effectiveness –Personalize the creative message –Identify and focus on highest value segments  Consumer Insights –Detailed behavioral data in real-time What are the Key Benefits for Marketers? @dataxu

21 Case Study: Marketer Using Programmatic Marketing to Win @dataxu

22 Consumer Credit Cards: Find and Capture Micro-Consumer Segments Challenge Reach prospects outside its established demographic for a new line of savings products, and quickly move them down the funnel – from awareness to conversion Approach Discover new audiences likely to be interested in new offerings, and use retargeting to drive conversions Results Increased ROAS by 46% and outperformed CPA goal by 40%, while reaching over 78 million consumers Discovered that urban consumers were most responsive during daylight hours on Tuesday, but converted on Sunday evenings Affluent consumers were more likely to respond during daylight hours @dataxu

23 What’s Coming Next?

24 Thank you! Sacha Berlik General Manager, Europe @dataxu

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