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Feature requests for Case Manager By Spar Nord Bank A/S IBM Insight 2014 Spar Nord Bank A/S1.

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1 Feature requests for Case Manager By Spar Nord Bank A/S IBM Insight 2014 Spar Nord Bank A/S1

2 Complex data Feature request Work with complex data inside Process Designer o Allow the designer to read and write complex data to the case E.g. use the data in routing, web services etc. Work with complex data inside Case Builder o Allow the designer to see the complex data inside a given step This would allow the designer to create a layout for the complex data Reuse of presentation (/layout) of complex data Work with complex data inside Case Manager o Allow the end user to view and edit data through a standard widget as with the Case Properties widget Spar Nord Bank A/S2

3 Case Builder Feature requests #1 Possibility to define ordering of tasks in “case details” (and “work item”) Extended pre-conditions o “Wait for other task” E.g. pre-condition that ensures that the task waits until another task is completed o Thus not simply using e.g. a boolean (case property) o Multiple pre-conditions E.g. wait for a document of type A AND a document of type B to be put on the case before starting (and not only one document) E.g. wait for a document of type A OR a document of type B to be put on the case before starting (and not only one document) E.g. wait for document AND property met o Use system time as condition Currently it can only wait for a given date, not a dynamic date defined e.g. in a running task o “Complex pre-conditions” E.g. allow the user to manually start a task OR wait for a property OR document (of a given type) added Events o Give the workflow designer the possibility to signal from one workflow that another can continue This can be achieved using a boolean value and a wait-for condition, but is not a single (system) step Spar Nord Bank A/S3

4 Case Builder Feature requests #2 Extended filtering of in-baskets o Allow filtering on in-baskets to be active as default for a role o Make filters case-insensitive o Allow users to add multiple filters of the same kind E.g. allow the user to add SSN = 123 AND SSN = 321 or SSN = 123 OR SSN = 321 “Post-conditions” o Give the workflow designer the possibility to disable tasks E.g. if property is a given value is doesn’t make sense to start a given task any more o Easy way of disabling tasks from workflow using a component step Give the workflow designer the possibility to allow only certain roles to start a case o E.g. when working with cases that automatically transfers money Possibility to create document hierarchies o E.g. having Document -> Private customer -> Loan application This is possible only through FileNet directly and not through the Case Builder The “add document” widget can display the hierarchy but not the Case Builder Possibility to hide a task until a given “event” occurs o E.g. document added, property met Spar Nord Bank A/S4

5 Process Designer Feature requests #1 Versioning of workflows o Have a standard way of showing which version of the flow is currently used (not through a case property) o Updating workflows will affect unstarted tasks on running cases. Having a version number can help bug tracing etc. Possibility to define choice lists in local workflow properties rather than only as case property Possibility to move (/redefine) a route from one node to another o Tedious to add nodes, especially when routes have conditions Allow assigning an empty array to a variable. o When declaring a String array, it always contains the empty string as its first element. In some situations, we want to present an empty array to our users. Our workaround is having a custom java component that returns an empty array and assign that as value. o An array contains the empty string before a split. The first path of the split fills the array with valid data (without the empty string). The second path does nothing. The override merge option can result in data loss if the second path is completed after the first. Hence the merge option “Append” is used. The “Append” option adds the empty string to the valid data. This behavior is not wanted. As a workaround, we initialize arrays as empty using a custom java component before a split. Add “Boolean and” and “Boolean or” as merge type for Boolean variables. Spar Nord Bank A/S5

6 Process Designer Feature requests #2 Undo button Back button o Go back to the map you came from (e.g. when working with sub maps) Access to MQ directly from the designer through a component step o Both produce and consume Import of existing component queue o E.g. component queue defined in another solution Add a comment to the commit when pressing “save” or “save and close” o E.g. as know from source control (e.g. SVN, git, etc.) when doing a commit Spar Nord Bank A/S6

7 Process Designer Feature requests #3 Web service integration that threats XML as data o Allow the designer to take a complex response (/multi layered XML) from a web service and assign it directly to a Case or Task property Better handling of web service invoke steps o Working with XML is close to impossible The designer formats the code as a one line string, which is hard to read, as lines are not allowed o We use annotations for “pretty print” of XML, and paste it directly into the “Invoke” step o E.g. the possibility to test the invoke step directly in the designer Spar Nord Bank A/S7

8 Process Designer Bug fixes Sometimes the process designer loses the connection and when trying to save all changes are lost Expression builder and assignment o sizeOf Works on a workflow property (e.g. myArray) but not on case property (e.g. F_CaseFolder.TEST_myArray) o Access an index on a case property directly fails E.g. F_CaseFolder.TEST_myArray[index] = “test” o Allow conditions on routes to access case properties Our current workaround is to copy the case property to a workflow variable and perform the check against the workflow variable, but it should be possible to access the case properties directly Spar Nord Bank A/S8

9 Deployment Feature requests Partial deployment o Allow deploying a single case type from a solution that contains multiple case types o Could be placed during deployment similar to partner links Select one/more/all case types for deployment Spar Nord Bank A/S9

10 In general Feature requests #1 Administration tool for cases o Process administrator is great for workflows, not so great for cases Possibility to see workflow properties in the tracker for e.g. system steps o Workflow properties are only displayed on manual steps, not on e.g. system steps, delay etc. Possibility to delay a manual step at any given time (“remove” from in-basket) o The idea is that the user can define when a given step should be executed Useful if the step involves customer input (/etc.) and thus can only be executed when the customer is available o E.g. during a meeting with the customer Should not be modeled as delay, since the customer could provide the info at any given time (thus it should be possible to find the step once “delayed”) Should be a generic solution and not defined/handled through filters on the in-basket Spar Nord Bank A/S10

11 In general Feature requests #2 Audit trail on case basis o Having a single place to show what has happened on a case E.g. when did what user complete a step E.g. what did the user do (/input) E.g. what route was selected Define what properties are displayed on a document for each case type o E.g. document with many properties Only show the properties relevant for the case type E.g. when properties are mutually exclusive Spar Nord Bank A/S11

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