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Montana Unified School Trust

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1 Montana Unified School Trust
MUST Online Market Spring 2014

2 Username: First Initial of First Name, First 3 Letters of Last Name, Last 4 of SSN Password: Date of birth (mmddyyyy)

3 Please accept the terms of the agreement and click “Continue” to enroll in your benefits. You will have to do this on your initial login but you will not have to do this again.

4 All users are asked to change their password after the first time they log in. Please notice that passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and at least 1 special character


6 Once logged in, you will be welcomed to the MUST Online Market.

7 Verify Your Information
To begin, please verify the accuracy of your personal information (SSN, DOB, etc.) If you need to make any changes to bolded information, please contact MUST ( ). When you are finished please click “I agree” and “Continue.”

8 Verify Your Family Information
To Add Dependents click on the Add Dependents link. SSN for dependents is required. When all family information is accurate, check “I agree” and click “Continue.”

9 Select Your Benefits To enroll in your benefits you have the option of utilizing the Ask Emma tool or continuing without it. Ask Emma is a virtual benefits support tool. She’ll ask you a few questions and help you figure out the best fit Medical plan.

10 Choose the dependents you would like to cover.
Select the medical plan you would like for you and any dependents by clicking on the radio button next to the plan name.

11 If you are waiving coverage, click here.
When you’re finished with your selection click “Next”.

12 To complete your selection you must click “Save and Continue Enrollment.” Then you can see your plan summary as well as a cost summary in the top left hand part of your screen. Repeat the process to add dental or vision.

13 All active employees are automatically covered under a Basic Life and AD&D benefit of $10,000 each. This is at no cost to the employee.

14 Beneficiary Information
Because you are enrolled in Basic Life or Employer Paid Life, you need to designate one or more persons as primary beneficiary. For each person or beneficiary you determine the amount of benefit to them by entering a percent.

15 You must click “Save and Continue Enrollment” for you selection to be complete.

16 After designating beneficiaries, you will move to the LTD benefit
After designating beneficiaries, you will move to the LTD benefit. Click Next, and click through the prompts.

17 Election Confirmation
On the final review page carefully examine all of your benefit elections and covered dependents. You can change your election by clicking “Edit” for any of your plan selections.

18 Your selections are not complete until you click “I agree, and I’m finished with my enrollment” and “Save My Enrollment!”

19 Confirmation Statement
It is important that you print or yourself your confirmation statement of elections. To do so, click on the “Print” or “ ” icon on the upper right hand side of your screen.

20 Logging Out When you have completed any actions on the Benefits site, please be sure to log out by clicking the “Log Out” button on the upper right hand corner of your browser.

21 Questions?

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