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JANE BARMER Training & Employment Initiatives Manager Age Concern England

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1 JANE BARMER Training & Employment Initiatives Manager Age Concern England

2 Catalyst : Organisations working with & for older people. Goal : Voice opinion of older people & defend their interests Focus: Age Discrimination (AD): Employment, Goods & services Activity: Lobby EU institutions / Spread information Monitoring transposition of the Employment Directive Help AGE membership to use potential of legislation Awareness raising Evidence base / research on AD in goods & services Methods: AGE Administrative Council & General Assembly Expert groups at national level Intergroup in European Parliament Website & Publications ( )

3 AGE CONCERN ENGLAND UK’s largest organisation working for and with older people Federation – 400+ individual organisations Mission To promote the well-being of all older people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Principles Ageism is unacceptable All people have the right to make decisions about their lives People less able to help themselves should be offered support Diversity is valued in all that we do

4 Demographic Change Ageing UK workforce - 20 years: 2.5 million FEWER ‘under 50s’ : 2.5 million MORE ‘over 50s’ 50+ Potential Labour Pool under use 50+ employment rate: England = 68% / Scotland = 63% / Wales = 59% Age Discrimination in Employment 1:4 People aged 50 – 69 = age discrimination (work/recruitment) Age Legislation : 1 October 2006 Recruitment & Retention Difficulties Skill shortages / Recruitment tactics / Early retirement Market Focus & Potential OVER 50s (20million) = 75% nations wealth / UNDER 50s = 90% marketing Age Diversity Business Benefits Lower turnover costs / Increased productivity UK CONTEXT

5 AGE DIVERSITY: SPECIAL PROJECTS On-line Age Audit tool (UK - Reed ) Business Support Agencies (Wales) Ageless At Work – mentoring (EQUAL: UK, France & Finland) Skills Analysis – retention (EQUAL: UK & Poland) WorkWise – Employment Model (UK) National SME Projects ( DWP : England, Scotland & Wales) “only just over 9% of people work beyond Statutory Pension Age. If this does not change by 2031 there will be 3 non- workers for every 1 worker” James Reed, Reed Consulting.

6 SMEs – STRATEGIC APPROACHES “Old and young work together to make a better product today. It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or 20 - everyone has a role to play, - it’s all part of being a team.” Goodmans Bespoke Furniture, Wales ACTIVITY 660 Employers - 3 Nations 50 Partners Identify SME Needs Explore Engagement Routes Raise Awareness Develop Tools RECOMMENDATIONS Link to national /regional media campaigns Clear business benefits Difficult to attend ‘Events’ SME support agencies as conduits Train up SME Intermediary / Support agencies Provide SME / sector specific material

7 Policies / Diversity Statements / Procedures / Documents / / Marketing AGE AUDIT AGE PROFILE Workforce Structures / Recruitment, Selection & Appointment / Exit / Career Progression & Development / Performance / Time Off Corporate Commitment / Workforce attitudes / Cloning/ Communication Channels / Language & Images CULTURE REVIEW Examples ACTIVITY FOCUS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Age Shift Prediction / Demography : Customer Base / Market Research – expanding Services & Products RETENTION Policy / Performance Management / Career Development Opportunities /Succession Planning/ Flexible Working / Salaries, Reward & Benefits/ Leaver Exits / Redundancy EXTENDING WORKING LIFE Phased retirement / Flexible Work Patterns / Removal of ‘retirement age ‘/ Mentoring/ Role changes

8  Management Knowledge / Skill / Attitude  Lack of vision / Shifting priorities  Culture : Cloning / Ageism / Reactive  Processes: Policies / Documents  Business Plan / Budget : inadequate resources  Regional or Sector differences  Stakeholder perception / influence  Customer profile BARRIERS FOR SMEs

9 SME 8 TOP ACTIONS (1,377 Actions Identified) Policy & Document Age Audits Training & Awareness Raising Age Profiling / Monitoring Tools Exploring Attitudes & Expectations Enhancing Holistic Approaches Negotiating Terms / Conditions Reviewing Pensions / Retirement Involvement in consultations “We want to be involved to: Identify Influence Promote Retain Skills match” Rob Young, CE Helena Housing

10 “The importance of diversity in the workforce: The value of experience and wisdom Flexible working Reflection of our customer base” Alan Eagle, Abbey Not for moral or legal reasons BUT because it makes GOOD BUSINESS SENSE AGE DIVERSITY

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