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The Giver By Lois Lowery.

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1 The Giver By Lois Lowery

2 Free powerpoint template:
Memories In your Reader’s Notebook create the following chart: Memories Emotion Free powerpoint template:

3 Free powerpoint template:
Memories Brainstorm distinctive memories from growing up. Create a list of happy, sad, exciting, etc. times from your childhood Write as many as you can think of! Share memories with a partner Pick a memory or two you want to share with the class Free powerpoint template:

4 Categorize your Memories!
Now go back and reread the list. Next to each memory, categorize the description based on the remembered emotion. For example, a child's first trip to Disney World would be labeled as "exciting." A child's memory of a grandparent dying might be labeled as "traumatic" or "very sad."  Free powerpoint template:

5 Free powerpoint template:
Reflection Would you choose to forget any of these memories? Maybe in order to forgo the painful remembrance of an event Free powerpoint template:

6 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter One Reflection Questions: What is the community like? How would you feel if your family had a feelings ritual like the one in which Jonas’ family participates? What do you think happens when someone is released? Free powerpoint template:

7 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Two Reflection Questions: There are two times that rules are broken in this chapter. Explain each time and whether you think it was ok to break the rules. What kind of job do you think Jonas will get? Why do you think this? What is the role of The Receiver? Why does the narrator refer to the elephant as an “imaginary creature” on page 18? Free powerpoint template:

8 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Three What do you think of the way differences are treated in the community? How do they feel about mirrors? How do the people in the community feel about birth mothers? How does our society differ? Why does Jonas keep the apple to investigate? What do you think happened with the apple? Free powerpoint template:

9 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Four In what areas of life do the people have free choice and what areas are regulated? Do you think the rule about bragging is a good rule? Why or why not? What advantages and disadvantages does Jonas see in the way he decided to complete his volunteer hours? What do you think about being released now? Free powerpoint template:

10 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter 6 What do you think of the pledge the family has to sign about Gabriel? Why according to the narrator, would it have been especially sad if they needed to release Gabe? What do you think about this? What do you think about the concept of replacement child? What is strange about the Ceremony of Loss? Free powerpoint template:

11 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter 7 Do the Assignments given seem appropriate to you? Why or Why not? Why do you think the Chief Elder skipped Jonas? List as many possibilities that you can think of. Free powerpoint template:

12 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter 8 How is it possible that Jonas has never noticed The Receiver before? What makes choosing a Receiver exceptionally difficult? What do you think a Receiver of Memory might do? Is there a job in today’s culture that would compare? Free powerpoint template:

13 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Nine Jonas thinks “Things couldn’t change with Asher”. Do you think he’s right? What do you think happened to the female Receiver? What rule do you think is the worst for Jonas? Do you think other members of the community lie? Why or why not? Free powerpoint template:

14 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Ten How did the Receiver treat Jonas? Why are the memories the Receiver holds important? What things does Jonas learn that surprise/puzzle him? Free powerpoint template:

15 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Eleven Why do you think the Receiver does not respond to Jonas’ comment about understanding the pain of being the new Receiver? In what ways do we preserve memories in our society? The old man refers to himself as the Receiver and as the Giver. Why does he refer to himself as both? Free powerpoint template:

16 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Twelve How does the way Jonas answers his mother about his sleep and dreams reveal a change in him? What do you think Jonas’ dream meant? What did you think the change that Jonas sees in Fiona’s hair, and saw in the audience faces, and with the apple were? Free powerpoint template:

17 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Thirteen What does it mean that Jonas’ life is no longer ordinary? Why do you think Jonas tries to share colors with Asher even though he thinks The Giver would have refused permission? Why do you think no one else can receive the memories Jonas wants them to receive? Free powerpoint template:

18 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Fourteen Do you think it is better to share sorrows or for each person to bear his or her pain themselves? How do you feel when you read about Larissa’s release? How did Jonas feel about giving Gabriel a memory? Why do you think he could give a memory to Gabriel and no one else? Free powerpoint template:

19 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Fifteen How is Jonas now a Giver? Does this chapter change your view on whether or not its better to share memories or bear them alone? Do you think the Giver needs to ask Jonas’ forgiveness? If you were Jonas what would you have said in response to the Giver’s request for forgiveness? Why? How do you think Jonas will feel about the Giver and his Assignment now? Free powerpoint template:

20 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Sixteen Why does Jonas go back to the Giver? Why is the memory of the birthday party so special to Jonas? Why did Jonas lie on page 127? Why do you think Jonas confides in Gabe? What do you think of Jonas’ decision to stop taking the pills? Free powerpoint template:

21 Free powerpoint template:
Turn and Talk With a partner – list ways Jonas has changed since he was an Eleven. Free powerpoint template:

22 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Seventeen How is the game of war a turning point in Jonas’ experience? Why does Jonas refuse Fiona’s invitation? Everyone seems to accept the idea of releasing a twin simply because it’s a twin. What do you think of this? What do you think of being released now? Free powerpoint template:

23 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Eighteen What do you think led Jonas to the topic of release? Why do you think Jonas continues to apologize even after a full year of training? How is the way the Giver feels about Jonas different from his parents? How does Jonas react to The Giver telling him about the first painful memory he gave Rosemary? Free powerpoint template:

24 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter 19 1) What do you think of Jonas’ explanation of why the twin is being released? 2) Why do you think the Giver suggested that Jonas watch (on page 147)? 3) What do you think Jonas will do now? Free powerpoint template:

25 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Twenty How do you feel about Fiona now? Now what do you think pale eyes signify? How do you feel now that the Giver can no longer see colors? Why can Jonas lie easily now? Why does the day of Ceremony seem like the best time for Jonas to leave the community? Free powerpoint template:

26 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Twenty-One Do you think the Giver knows that Jonas said goodbye? Why do you think this? How did you feel about the plan to release Gabe? How do you feel about Father now? What do you think happened in the community the day that Jonas left? What do you think the Giver did? Why do you think planes stopped? Free powerpoint template:

27 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Twenty-Two If Jonas and Gabe starve to death do you think their journey will still be worth it? Explain your answer. Why is Jonas crying for Gabe but not himself? What do you think will happen next? Free powerpoint template:

28 Free powerpoint template:
Chapter Twenty-Three How are Jonas’ memories changing as he approaches the top of the hill? What do you think awaited Jonas and Gabe at the end of the sled ride? Do you think Jonas really heard music or do you think he heard an echo? Why? Free powerpoint template:

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