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Journals: The Giver.

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1 Journals: The Giver

2 Journal 1 Pretend you are speaking to someone who has never heard of the Garden of Eden. How would you explain it to them? Why is it unique? How did this change?

3 J 3 Green: Journal 2 Imagine your perfect world. What makes it perfect? What are some details about your world that are different from ours? Is there such a thing as a perfect world? Why or why not?

4 Green Journal 4/ Blue Journal 3
What are some differences between Jonas’ society and our society? Why do Jonas and his parents (all adults, really) have to take a pill each day? What do you think happens to Larissa and Roberto?

5 Journal 4 Blue What do you think is Jonas’ assignment?
What details do we know about his assignment by the end of chapter 9?

6 Journal 5 What do we discover about Jonas’ world in Chapters 10-12? What does Jonas realize is “seeing beyond”? Imagine a world without color – is it a good or bad thing? What is it like?

7 Journal 6 What memories does Jonas receive from The Giver in chapters 13-15? Why is it important that he receives these memories? Take a side: It is necessary for the community to take away memories of death, selfishness, and war in order for society to succeed.

8 Green 5/ Jonas meets the receiver who says “I am not, actually, as old as I look This job has aged me” (Lowry 76). Explain in at least 3 sentences what this means. What was the first memory that Jonas receives? What does this memory tell us about life in the community? What is the first memory of pain that Jonas receives?

9 Green 6 What disturbing or distressing memories does the Giver gives to Jonas.

10 Journal 7: Write about one memory you could not live without- what details can you remember
Journal 8: What is the importance of love in our lives? How does that differ from Jonas’ life?

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