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IN BETWEEN CLASSES institutional change through unlikely settings.

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1 IN BETWEEN CLASSES institutional change through unlikely settings

2 Goals & Objectives Today we will:  Describe a model of institutional change  Model strategies for structuring different types of programs outside of the classroom  Consider how practices and methods that this model provides could influence initiatives happening at your institution.

3 Auburn goes “WAC” The Story begins with Crisis Required Writing Plans A New Mission Reorganization NOW! TIMELINE

4 Auburn students report doing significantly less writing… NSSE Data Results:

5 From two courses to every course. From First Two Years to WAC: Composition/LiteratureEvery Course/Every Major

6 Aiming for a new goal; to create a deeper culture of Writing. Writing Plans & Departments

7 Mission Statement:


9 New Location. New Staff. New Service. External Changes: +

10 “Serving ALL STUDENTS”

11 Tracking and considering how change occurs. Researching Change.

12 CHANGE adjust the parameters organization mind-set feedbackgoals flow of information rules of engagement

13 Where are we? What still needs to be done? Flow of info Dominant mindset Feedback Policy & Procedure What’s your initiative/crisis? Where are you? Identifying the Process

14 WriteFest: A Specific Area of Growth Write. Ask. Learn. Revise. Finish.

15 WriteFest Overview:  Began in 2011  Created to meet campus need  Currently held 6 times a semester  Provides time, space, and resources (tutor help and informational sessions) to work on writing  Multiple Sponsors  1 st Summer “Boot Camp” in 2013 Spring 2013 Topics:  Job Talks and Academic Interviews  Organizing Big Projects  Endnote/Zotero Introduction  Thesis/Dissertation Formatting  Writing from Research (APA, MLA, etc.)  Teaching and ePortfolios  Writing Journal Articles  Overcoming Writer’s Block  Writing Abstracts and Literature Reviews  Revision  Preparing Future Faculty Program  Thesis and Dissertation Submission  Editing Your Own Writing  Writing During Summer and Summer WriteFest  Publishing Academic Writing

16 ePortfolio Ambassadors: Changing where the learning happens.

17 The ePortfolio Project 1. CRISIS 2. NEEDS 3. STRENGTHS

18 What are ePortfolios?  Websites created by individuals to :  Synthesize learning experiences  Showcase skills and abilities

19 What are ePortfolios?  Includes multiple artifacts of different kinds  Purposefully selected and arranged for an audience of the student’s choosing Continued…

20 Why ePortfolios: SYNTHESIZE EXPERIENCES: ePortfolios are strongly linked to engaged and enhanced learning because they provide an opportunity to synthesize and reconsider experiences Select Artifacts Give Context Connect Artifacts Design O verall Why ePortfolios?

21 SHOWCASE SKILLS : Students have expressed interest in showcasing their skills at graduation

22 Why Professional ePortfolios? Provides a Real Audience: Programs have expressed interest in expanding existing capstone or senior projects, involving industry advisors, and responding to expectations of their disciplines Why ePortfolios?

23 What will we do? 1. DEVELOP:  infrastructure to support students, faculty and programs 2. SUPPORT STUDENT LEARNING:  through expansion of support and increased co- curricular activities 3. SUPPORT FACULTY:  in developing and extending curriculum, mentoring students, and connecting ePortfolios to teaching and research

24 Impact on Student Learning: 1. Effective Communication 2. Critical Thinking through reflection 3. Technical Competence 4. Visual Literacy

25 Preparation (2013)Initial Launch (2013-2014) Growth & Refinement (2014- 2017) Ensuring Success & Sustainability (2017-ON) Staged Implementation

26 ePortfolio Ambassadors:  Summer 2012  Variety of Majors  Variety of Ages  Group sessions  One-on-one sessions  Considering Culture Description -Peer Review Sessions -

27 Workshops  Overview of ePortfolios  Purpose, Audience & Mining for Artifacts  Peer Review & Critique  Creating Models/Examples


29 REFLECTION Ask Questions Imagine Possibilities Provide Context Apply & evaluate Knowledge Make Connections Think about experiences

30 Larger Take-away: 1. Created Models 2. Gave students a voice 3. Set up peer tutor structure 4. Satisfied Immediate Needs *Paved the way for other opportunities to “Restructure the Rules of Engagement”

31 Pair & Share  SWOT Analysis: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats – elements in environment that could hinder project  Now that you know where you are, how could you implement these interventions into your initiative?

32 Emily Cosgrove Program Assistant Miller Writing Center Auburn University Contact Us Laura Elmer Program Assistant OUW & ePortfolios Auburn University &

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