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Deaf and Blind By: Audrey Grace A Work In Progress Working on Citations.

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1 Deaf and Blind By: Audrey Grace A Work In Progress Working on Citations

2 Date of Birth Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880.

3 Where was she born Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

4 Family She had lots of family her Father Captain Arthur H. Keller, her mother Kate Adams Keller, her two younger siblings Mildred and Philips Brooks Keller, and her two half brothers from her fathers prior marriage James and Simpson Keller

5 Early Childhood When Helen was a toddler she developed a high fever and became seriously ill. This illness led to permanent disabilities including blindness and deafness.

6 Education Helen had a private tutor for many years her first tutor was Anne Sullivan after she died her tutor was Mary Agnes “Polly” Thompson. After many years she then went to preparatory school and chose Radcliffe.

7 Adult Life Became concerned with the deaf and blind Became active on staff of the American Foundation for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Overseas Blind Wrote many books, articles, and told many lectures Started the Helen Keller Endowment Fund and collected money from many wealthy people

8 Adult Life Continued During World War II she worked with soldiers who had been blinded in the war.

9 Important Events When Helen was 10 years old Helen learned to talk with sign language.

10 Dead, Deceased, or Alive Helen died on June 1, 1968

11 Is She Remembered or Known Helen Keller is remembered and known because she learned to communicate with being both deaf and blind. She is also a role model for handicapped people all over the world!

12 Interesting Things Learned to communicate with being deaf and blind Taught others how to read, write, and talk Gave speeches Wrote books Got many awards Taught by a teacher who was partly blind

13 Important Lessons I learned One thing this person taught me was that you should always keep persevering, and if you don’t you really won’t get very far n life. I also learned that even if you are a slow learner you can still learn what you want to learn.

14 Hero or Celebrity Helen was a hero because she helped handicapped people to realize they can still learn and have a regular life even if they are slow. She also helped to show that people and teachers should respect those children, and that handicapped can be taught.

15 Other Important Information Some books are: My Life Optimism The World I Live In The Song of the Stone Wall Out of the Dark My Religion

16 Continued Awards she received: Chevaliers French Legion of Honor Alumni Achievement Award of Radcliffe College Many decorations from many goverments

17 Resources dent/article?id=ar296720 dent/article?id=ar296720 unknown, Helen Keller kids museum,. "Helen Keller." Hellen Keller. 2007. 10 Oct 2008.

18 Resources Miss Spitfire Sarah Miller

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