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2 What is RefWorks? RefWorks is a sort of online filing cabinet which stores, maintains and manages your references A software attachment (Write-N-Cite) helps to output your references and bibliographies in the correct format RefWorks is web based and accessible from any internet connection Write-N-Cite is ready to be activated on university managed PCs but requires local installation on personal PCs and laptops September 20142Ben Watson/Anna Miller

3 Accessing RefWorks Go to Resources > Reference management Click on Log into Refworks Don’t forget that you always access your account via “My institution’s credentials (Shibboleth)” Scroll down to University of Kent Bookmark RefWorks help pages – especially Support and training September 20143Ben Watson/Anna Miller

4 Adding records to RefWorks Adding records is by one of three methods : 1.Manual creation by completing a form 2.Importing via a file (eg for Zetoc records ) 3.Direct export (for most journal indexes and the library catalogue) Most databases will have an ‘Export to Reference Manager’ option For manual additions Make sure the style and type of record are correct Hover over field tags to see how to enter data September 20144Ben Watson/Anna Miller

5 Using RefWorks Find out how to – create a new folder – put references into folders – move them between folders – edit and delete references – use the personal notes field – search within RefWorks – use the Organise and share folders tab to create sub folders rename, delete and clear folders September 20145Ben Watson/Anna Miller

6 Installing RefGrab-IT On a UoK Student Managed Desktop using IE or Firefox – Log into your RefWorks account – Click on Tools > RefGrab-IT – Click on the RefGrab-It bookmarklet Install information You can only install the bookmarklet version on the Favorites bar on a Student Managed PC Follow instructions clicking on the RefGrab-It link at the bottom right of the grey box – Select Add to Favorites Answer ‘Yes’ to any security warnings In the Add a favorite box, select Favorites Bar in the Create in box and then click Add – Close and then restart your browser to see and use the RefGrab-It tab September 20146Ben Watson/Anna Miller

7 Using RefGrab-It RefGrab-It captures references for web pages To use, click on RefGrab-It bookmarklet when viewing your page – On the screen which appears, select your reference then click on Import – You may then be prompted to log into RefWorks – Your new reference(s) should be in the Last Imported folder It only captures html and variations – not PDF files Improve functionality by switching off the Pop up blocker on your browser – Browser tools > Pop up blocker RefGrab-It does not work well with Chrome or Safari – use FireFox September 20147Ben Watson/Anna Miller

8 Write-N-Cite –inserts footnotes –compiles your bibliography in the correct format Installing Write-N-Cite first time only automatically available for activation on campus PCs (student managed desktops) you will need to load it separately on all your own devices and they will all need a version of Microsoft Word instructions for activation on student managed desktops on next slide for your own devices see relevant instructions at Resources > Reference management > RefWorks > Write-N-Cite If you make changes to your RefWorks folders and records don’t forget to click on Sync my database in Write-N-Cite September 20148Ben Watson/Anna Miller

9 Activating Write-N-Cite On a student managed desktop –Log into RefWorks –From the Tools menu (top bar) select Write-N-Cite –Copy the login code –Open Word and click on RefWorks tab –Click on login on the Refworks toolbar and paste in the login code –In future you just open a Word document and click on the RefWorks tab for the full menu –If the RefWorks tab is not installed, repeat above September 20149Ben Watson/Anna Miller

10 Your references To view references in a selected style – Click on Customise (red tab at top right) to change the format (eg to Kent Harvard) Deleted references go to the Deleted references folder for 30 days – Click on the View menu to see and restore them Imported records will maintain links to the full text September 201410Ben Watson/Anna Miller

11 References – good practice Check your references on import – Edit out any extra ;, – Check against the style guide to make sure they are in the correct format Style guides available from When you import a new batch of references, always go into the Last imported folder immediately and move them to the correct folder September 201411Ben Watson/Anna Miller

12 Tips Importing references from Google Scholar – On the GS main page click on Settings > Bibliographic manager > RefWorks – This will provide an Import to RefWorks option for each reference Compiling bibliographies – Use the Create bibliography tab to compile bibliographies from each of your folders September 201412Ben Watson/Anna Miller

13 Personal notes The Personal notes field of a reference is searchable – Use well thought out keywords to maximise this facility – To search it follow Search > Advanced and select Personal notes in the Search field box – When you see your results, click on – You will see your search term(s) highlighted in the reference September 201413Ben Watson/Anna Miller


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